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Raz Kids is an awarded learning website that provides a lot of reading resources. Raz Kids has leveled books, song books, poetry books, nursery rhymes and Spanish books. Students can find those books in their book room. For the books based on their level, they can find them in “Your Assignments”. In the Assignment planet, the students will read the leveled books based on their level. To move up to the next level, they have to be able to finish all the books by reading the books, listening to the books and taking the quizzes.

The activities or progress of the students in Raz Kids can be tracked by the students parents. They can check which books that their children have read and listen, which quiz that they have taken and check about the score and everything. Parents can require to the teacher to send the report of their children regularly via email to make parents easy to control their students activities during using Raz Kids.

During using Raz Kids, there will be teachers who will give the students assignments and decide the instruction whether the students are able to move up to the next level or not. In Raz Kids, teacher can control the students via roster. In the roster, teachers can add new student one by one or even several students at once. In this roster, teacher will decide the level of the students as well. In this roster, teacher can also transfer students. How to transfer students?

This is a tutorial of how to transfer students in Raz Kids. First of all, you log in to Raz Kids by clicking “Teacher” which is available above the page. Enter teacher username and password and click “Log In”. Then, teachers go the “Roster”. And they are going to click on “Transfer Students”. Here, they will see the whole list of students. They are going to scroll down and look for the students who want to transfer. Select by giving a check mark on a student name. Next, click on “Transfer”. After the sreen move to another page, they have to scroll down and they  are going to look for the student they just transfered. It is very simple, isn’t it?

Raz Kids is designed to be easy to use not only for students as participants of learning, but also for parents and of course for teachers as well. Raz Kids is made for making reading activity can be more fun by the existence of Raz Rocket and Robot Builder which can be decorated by the students using their earned stars to purchase the items. These features are made to motivate students so that they can come back to the site again and again.

Another interesting one from Raz Kids is that Raz Kids can not only used by individual for using at home, but it can be used for class as well. So, school can use reading resources from Raz Kids for the students to use in the classroom with their teacher. It is very fun!

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