The New Book Room on Raz Kids

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Raz Kids as a product of Learning A-Z grows continuously. This is done to make customers satisfied in using Raz Kids as their partner of reading. Raz Kids really concerns in improving reading skill of students. Learning at Raz Kids, students will not only able to read well. They will also get the other advantages such as improving their listening comprehension, improving their pronunciation, and increasing their knowledge.

Reading the e-books in Raz Kids will not make students bored because they can not only read the book but they can also listen to the book and record their reading themselves. And now, students even can see animated stories. It is fun, isn’t it?

Over the summer we have taken Raz Kids to the next level making the students centric site even more appealing for students and even easier to use for teachers. The biggest change is to the book room which to our amazement has been recently been discovered in a distant galaxy as a planet. Now, when they log in, students are presented with the exciting new mission control where they will see their assignment planet, the book room planet, the messages portal if they have messages and their personalized Raz Rocket.

The New Book Room on Raz Kids

For solution uses, educators who have subscriptions to Reading A-Z and Raz Kids, we have moved the hundreds of e-books and e-quizzes from the On Your Own area to the Book Room. These are found by the Book Room Planet for students and under the books tab for teachers. For Raz Kids only subscribers, all the books from their all book rooms have been moved to the book room planet and to the teacher’s book tab.

By the way, look for brand new animated books in the Book Room. There is more news about the book room. Using an individual students profile page access can now be customized to restrict the range of levels to which he or she has access and also the resources outside the assignable level books. These include the trade book quizzes, nursery rhymes, poetry and song books. There are many more new features in pipeline for Raz Kids. And who knows perhaps there are more planets out there waiting to be discovered.

Because of the progress and good service that is owned by Raz Kids, it has won many achievements. They are:

  1. Best Educational Use of a Technology Device by Codie Award Finalist in 2009
  2. K-5 Curriculum/Reading and Language Arts Finalist by Association of Educational Publishers Distinguished Achievement Award Finalist in 2010
  3. Best Reading/English Instructional Solution by Codie Award Finalist in 2011
  4. K-12 Course or Learning Management Solution by Codie Award Finalist in 2012
  5. Best Reading/English Instructional Solution by Codie Award Finalist in 2012
  6. Best Solution for Special Needs Students by Codie Award Finalist in 2015
  7. Classroom Supplemental Resources, Resources for Learners with Special Educational Needs by AAP REVERE Award Finalist in 2015
  8. Multi-Level, Reading Resource Website by Eddie Award Winner in 2016

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