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Today, we have a mystery to solve or rather to resolve because we are not actually interested in going after the perpetrator of the crime. This is Star-Jacked: The Case Of The Missing Stars. Particularly, during the summer we get many calls from parents and teachers about the precious stars that have mysteriously vanished from a student’s assignment page. We understand the distress and disappointment this can cause especially to the younger students. They have worked hard to earn their stars and they are eager to spend them in the Raz Rocket. First, we will get to the cause of the problem. And we will show you in a few easy steps how to restore stars to the bereft student.

Misappropriation of stars mostly happens because the students have not been assigned individual password. This is easy to remedy. To give a student, Anna a password for example, we go to the Roster and click on Anna’s name which brings up to the Anna’s profile. Scrolling down, we click on No Password link on the lower left. Now I have a choice of giving Anna a text password or icon password. We know Anna loves lizards so that is what we will choose for her password. We click update and now Anna’s Stars are protected because her assignments can not be accessed without her password.

Raz-Kids, What’s New March 2017
Restoring Anna’s Stars is next. Most students know exactly how many stars they have at any given time. But if not, start by going to the class activity report in report section. Change the date range as appropriate and Anna stars count will appear in star column. To give Anna back her stars, click on her name, then messages. Write a quick messages to Anna and telling her the good news. Select the number of stars from the award bonus stars menu and click send. Well, Anna has her stars back. And all her hard work will be awarded with constellation of password protected stars to spend in a Raz Rocket.

So, if you find the difficulty in using Raz Kids, just contact your teacher. So your problem will be solved soon.

Now, you can access Raz Kids not only via laptop/computer. But now, you can access it via your smartphone or tablet, too. The name of the app is Kids A-Z App. Kids A-Z App can be downloaded in App Store for you who use iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (iOS 7.0 or greater). If you use Android (OS 4.2 or greater), you can download it from Google Play and if you use Kindle Fire (OS 3.0  devices made in 2013 or later) you can download it from Amazon App Store. You can download it for free.

Join Raz Kids now and make Raz Kids as your reading resources for better reading skill. You can not only improve your reading skill but you can also get additional advantages of joining the activity such as improving your pronunciation, listening skill and of course enriching your knowledge.

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