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There is an awesome website that provides a lot of reading resources. That is Raz Kids. Raz Kids supplies a lot of books that consist of some types of books like serial books, nursery rhymes, leveled books, song books, poetry books, and also Spanish books. Those books are in the form of ebooks. Students can enjoy the ebooks by listening or reading by themselves. They can also record their reading.

The leveled books start from level aa until level Z. All the levels consist of 29 level of reading difficulty. Those levels are adjusted to the students grade or age.

After reading or listening to an ebook, you can take the corresponding quiz. The quiz is done for checking students comprehension about the book that they have read. Then, they with get the score. They will get the stars from their activities including reading, listening, record their reading and taking the quiz. If you finish reading and take the quiz of all the books at a certain level, you can move to the next level.

The most awesome thing of Raz Kids, you can spend your earned stars for buying items to decorate your Raz Rocket and Robot Builder. These ones which make Raz Kids different from the other reading websites. The existence of Raz Rocket and Robot Builder is for making students want to come back again to Raz Kids to pass the activities. It is like motivational things that make students want to do the activities in Raz Kids so that they can not only move to the next level immediately but they can also personalize their Raz Rocket immediately. It is very fun!

Raz Kids Tutorial
Now, we are going to show you how to use Raz Kids.

  1. First, open your browser then go to your search engine.
  2. On the top, exactly in the address bar, type in www.raz-kids.com.
  3. After the screen of Raz Kids appears, then click log in.
  4. Now, put your teacher username and click Go.
  5. After that, you will see there are the list of students names. You just have to click on your name.
  6. Enter your password.
  7. Then, you can start to read.

It is very easy to use Raz Kids. If you want to use Raz Kids, you can purchase to join. After you join, you can read many kinds of books in any levels. The books consist of fiction and nonfiction which contain fun story. For you who have joined or subscribed in Raz Kids, now you can download Kids A-Z App on your smartphone or tablet. This app will make you read the books from Raz Kids easier. For you who use iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you can download it from App Store. For you who use android, you can download it via Google Play. And for you who use kindle Fire, you can easily download Kids A-Z App through Amazon App Store. It is free to download. By downloding Kids A-Z, it will make you easy to get your reading resources anytime anywhere.

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