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Raz Kids is an e-learning that is used by the students digitally. So, they can learn anytime and anywhere. Parents can also check their children’s progress by accessing the website. As a part of Learning A-Z which is learning resources digitally, Raz Kids provides the best teachers to help students to improve their reading ability. The teachers will give assignments, awards for completing the assignments, and place the level of students.

Raz Kids teacher will give good impact for the students by giving assignments using resources that are prepared by Raz Kids website. Raz Kids believes that the teacher know the best from their students. If we have good teachers and then we combine them with good resources too, it will help the progress of the students easier and producing the best students is not impossible. Raz Kids instruction in every resources helps teachers without limiting the creativity and innovation of the teachers.

A lot of leaders of Learning A-Z company and their product specialists are former teachers. So, Raz Kids also creates the resources by relying on the input and creative talents of active and former teachers. Learning A-Z including Raz Kids believes that from firsthand experience is what works in the classroom.

Raz Kids Teacher
With many levels of resources in some kind of formats and the contents which is covering multiple areas, the products of Raz Kids will support the teachers to deliver the instructions effectively. Being available in online formats, the resources of the Raz Kids can be printed, projected, and used online by the teachers and also the students in the classroom, at home or on the go. It saves the valuable preparation time of the teachers.

Raz kids prepares some Complimentary Live Webinars and On-Site Professional Development for Raz Kids teacher. Teachers can sign up for live online sessions. Here, one of Raz Kids product experts will serve helpful insights and tips for using the products of Raz Kids and the other products of Learning A-Z to their potential. To try this, teachers can press request custom webinars at learning a-z website. On Site Professional Development serves a profound training for all teachers using the resources from Learning A-Z with on-site professional development sessions in accordance with each implementation.

So, do not worry about the quality of the resource and the Raz Kids teacher because Raz Kids provides the best resources and the best teachers for helping children to improve their skills.  In addition, the success of teacher and also the resources have been proved by a lot of awards that have been achieved by Raz Kids. Some awards are Multi-Level, Reading Resource Websites from EDDIE Award Winner in 2016, Best Solution for Special Needs Students from CODiE Award Winner in 2016, Supplemental Resources, Resources for Learners with Additional Educational Needs from AAP REVERE Award Finalist in 2016, Best Early Learning, Reading Skills Website from BESSIE Award Winner in 2016 and many more. Not only Raz Kids that have achieved awards, the other products of Learning A-Z also won some awards like Educational Apps for Raz Plus from Bett Award Finalist in 2017, Best PreK / Early Childhood Learning Solution for Headsprout from CODiE Award Winner in 2016.

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