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Raz Kids is a reading website which will guide students to help them to improve their reading skill. Reading skill is very important to make students easier to train their ability in understanding text effectively. Furthermore, training reading skill will also help students to have better pronunciation, improving vocabulary, increasing knowledge about types of text and the structure of each text type.

Learning with Raz Kids, students do not only learning by themselves by accessing the website, but they also will be guided by competent teachers. The teachers will give the students assigments, track the students’ progress, and also give awards to make the students keep motivated and engaged learning in Raz Kids. Here we are going to explain step by step to do Raz Kids teacher login.

Raz Kids believes that the teachers who support the students will produce the great impact in classroom. Therefore, Raz Kids works hard to support all the customers professionally. Professional learning that Raz Kids havecan lead to the meaningful and successful implementation of our resources. The professional learning options are continuing, goal-oriented, and personalized to meet the customers needs. Raz Kids has reward system that can motivate students by giving stars for practice, completion, or success online.

Raz Kids Teacher Login
Now, we are going to explain Raz Kids.com login for teachers. First, go to the www.raz-kids.com. There are many pictures and information which probably look complicated. Look for member login and click it. After that, enter the username and the password. The last, click Log In.

In the website, students will find helpful tips from teacher to help integrate Raz Kids into classroom. Here are some helpful teacher tips for helping the students that are available in Raz Kids website.

  1. Students are able to record themselves reading a book from their computer at home. Have them record a favorite story with bells or dings to signal page turning (the Next button) and allow younger siblings to listen to the read-aloud while following along.
  2. Use the assignment report see how much of the current assignment that a student has completed and whether it may be time to assess a student’s reading progress.
  3. Letting students access to the Reading Room will help to improve listening comprehension, increased awareness of differing text structures, and expanding vocabulary as students listen to books at higher levels.
  4. During class transition, teacher can invite students to play Raz-Kids songs on an interactive whiteboard, and challenge students to be cleaned up and in their seats or in line before the song is ended.
  5. Students’ reading comprehension can be as strong as their listening comprehension. From time to time, assign students the listen option and quiz for a given book to make sure how strong their listening comprehension is at a given level.

We have explained how to log in for teachers, now how to do Raz Kids Kids login for students? For students, they just have to visit www.raz-kids.com, then click Kids Login, click the symbol above students’ name. The last, enter students password.

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