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We are going to show you how to use a new reading program with the kids have been using at school called Raz Kids. It is a web-based program so you can use it from any machine that you have internet access. When you start, you want to navigate to the Margaret Brent Elementary School web page for example. Once you get there, you are going to click on Bobcat classrooms. Come to the classroom side, click on kindergarten team. Choose Kindergarten-Carpenter. There will be a homepage of a teacher.

Then, we are going to scroll down until you get to the center of a teacher homepage. Look under Links and you will find Raz Kids link. Tap on there and there should appear a list of students like a classroom. If some reasons you end up with someone else’s classroom, you are going to come to Pick a Different Teacher and type in the teacher username. We will demonstrate to you to different levels of reading. The first one is the aa (double a) readers. Every child has the same password in this school that is rabbit and then you can go. In order to get to a book, you tap on the planet and it will bring you to a selection of books. You will see there are many books for them to choose. Underneath the selections, there is an ear and there is an eyeball.

Raz Kids Introduction
The first thing they need to do is clicking on the ear and the book will be read to them. We use headphones. It helps with their focus. When it plays, you will hear the voice. You follow the sign Next all the way. It will read to them. Click on Home and you will see green check mark underneath the ear for the book that you have read. Then, we are going to click on the eyeball and they are going to read the book to you. You can continue to go through the entire book. Once again, look at the last page and back to home. Now, we will see an ear and an eyeball with a green check underneath both that will tell you they completed that book successfully. In order to move from aa book up to an a level book, they are going to have a green check mark under all the books on this page. Some children have been working very diligently at school and have a lot of green checks underneath their balls. Perhaps they might be on a level a reader now. I want to show you how a level looks like.

In a level, you will notice under the a level books is a question mark. So, after they listen to the book and after they read the book to someone else, you can take the quiz by clicking the question mark. The question mark piece needs to be done with a person who can read the questions to them. We are looking for understanding of the questions not the ability to read the questions.

So, that’s all about how to use Raz Kids. Hopefully, you can enjoy reading at Raz Kids. Happy Reading!

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