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As a learning that is based in the internet connection, it provides a variety of learning such as leveled books that can be read, listened and also recorded, e-quizzes that will check the understanding of students to the text that they have read, and also Raz Kids Games which make the students more fun in learning process.
Learning is an activity that should be done continuously. Sometimes, we feel bored in learning because the ways of teaching of the teacher or resources are not fun at all. It means learning process must be enjoyable, interesting  and fun so that the students will always come to learn again and again. The use of games in learning has several benefits:
  1. Games can help students to understand the materials easily.
  2. Games can increase the enthusiasm of students in learning process.
  3. Games help students to immerse them to the imaginary world.
  4. Games can challenge the students so that they can be accustomed to face challenge and it leads them to be a competitive person.
  5. Games can make students experience different roles

Raz Kids as an e-learning medium offers learning which is completed by Raz Kids Games. The games of course are adjusted to the level of the students. The number of pleasuring games in Raz Kids are based on grades. For grades  K-1, the available games are:

  •  Alphabet Letter Match
  •  Antonym Go Fish
  •  Beginning Letter/Sound Match
  •  Rhyming Go Fish
  •  Punctuation Power
  •  Short Vowel Sort
  •  Sight Word Bingo
  •  Word Family Sort

For Grades 2-3, the available games are:

  •  Clusters Go Fish
  •  Compound Word Concentration
  •  Contraction Go Fish
  •  Crazy Sight Words
  •  Homophone Concentration
  •  Punctuation Power
  •  Synonym Concentration
  •  Vowel Pattern Bingo.

For grades 4-5, the available games are:

  • Cause and Effect Concentration
  • Homograph Match-a-Thon
  • Idioms Concentration
  • Metaphor and Simile
  • Part of Speech Sort
  • Plural Power
  • Prefix Go Fish
  • Voracious Vowels
 Raz Kids Games
The existence of Raz Kids Games adds the variety of learning process at Raz Kids. Learning in Raz Kids is very worth it because Raz Kids has excellent learning program for students. So they will not feel bored of doing learning. Raz Kids is also trusted because it won several awards like winning Multi-Level Reading Resource Website from Eddie Award Winner in 2016, winning Best Solution for Special Needs Students from Codie Award Winner in 2016, Supplemental Resources, Resources for Learners with Additional Educational Needs from AAP Revere Award Finalist in 2016, winning Best Early Learning, Reading Skills Website from Bessie Award Winner in 2016, winning Best ESL, ELL, or World Language Acquisition Solution from Codie Award Finalist in 2016, winning Educational Apps from Bett ward Finalist in 2016, winning Best Reading Resource Website, Multi-Level from Bessie Award Winner in 2015, winning Supplemental Resources: Resources for Learners with Special Educational Needs Curriculum, Instruction, and Classroom from APP Revere Award Winner in 2014 and many more awards that prove Raz Kids as the best learning website.
Raz Kids is a solution for you who wants to experience different way of learning and get the fluency of reading.

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