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Raz Kids is a learning process that uses internet connection. So, it can be done in your computer/laptop or in your mobile phone anytime and anywhere. To study via Raz Kids, you have to have an account first. But , if you do not have an account yet, you can try a free trial that is provided by Raz Kids. If you have had Raz Kids account, you will have username and the password. Raz Kids com login password will be given by the teachers. If you forget the password you are able to click forgot password link. Then, you have to enter your email. The website will send you random password via your email.

Now, let’s try to login to your account. When you have an account, then you will do Raz Kids log in, the steps are described here. Firstly, enter www.raz-kids.com in your browser. Secondly, click Kids Login which is available in a green box. Thirdly, enter the username of your choosen teacher. After that, you will be led to the class list. It is a page where there is a name of your teacher and below it there are a number of students name with each symbol. Click to the symbol above your name. Next, you will be requested your password. The password is in the form of icon or a little picture. It is aimed to make the accessing process become little funny for the kids. For some people, the password can be their students number. The screen also will be different from the screen for students who log in with icon password. The last, you press go. Now, you go to your homepage.

In your homepage, you will see your assignments, robot builder, and raz rocket. The assignments are given by the teachers based on your level. When you go to your assignment, you will go to the screen where you will see the room which contains books. Below the books, there are three choices. First, there is an ear mark in a blue book, it means you can listen the stories. There is an eye ball mark in a green book. It means you can read the book on your own. Third, there is a question mark. It means you can check your understanding of reading text that you have read before.

It is very easy to enter Raz Kids com login password. With Raz Kids you can access more than 800 books in many different types like serial books (favorite characters), poetry, nursery rhymes, leveled books, song books and Spanish books. Spanish books are supplied for ELL or bilingual program.
After you have an account, you will be able to do Raz Kids login free. In the website, you can do any kind of activities because Raz Kids has products that support your learning process to achieve the success. The Teacher will give you reading assignments based on your level, so that your ability will improve well.

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