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Here we are going to explain about Raz Kids Com Bookroom. Before explaining, it is better for knowing the best awards of Raz Kids that make Raz Kids trusted. Raz Kids as a teaching website which can improve reading ability have gained a lot of achievements such as Teachers’ Choice Award for the Family Winner for Software and Website in 2009, CODiE Award Finalist as Best Educational Use of a Technology Device in 2009, Association of Educational Publishers Distinguished Achievement Award Finalist as K-5 Curriculum/Reading and Language Arts Finalist in 2010, Academics’ Choice Award Winner as Smart Book Award in 2014, Teachers’ Choice Award for the Classroom from Learning Magazine Winner as Teachers’ Choice Award for the Classroom in 2014.

For improving students ability, Raz Kids books of course have many genres and types. The variety of text is purposed for increasing not only students reading ability but also improving their knowledge.

In Raz Kids Com Bookroom, there are several types of reading text which include leveled books, serial books (favorite characters), nursery rhymes, poetry books and song books. Leveled books serve 29 reading levels which are appropriate with the students interest.  The leveled books are present to help students improve their comprehension and fluency. By accessing website and reading the leveled books will build better readers and also students will be more confident, too.
Raz Kids Com Bookroom
Serial books are also in leveled form. Most books in every series are complete stories and can be read anytime and anywhere. In other series, the writers build the characters in every book and continue a story across books in the series to expand analysis of characters and plot to make readers coming back. In the serial books, writers repeat the characters, setting and plot. It is purposed to ease students in comprehending the writers’s purposes.

Nursery rhymes are served to increase the insight of the students about the variety of rhymes and rhythm patterns. It is better to read nursery rhymes repeatedly for knowing the patterns of sounds. Nursery rhymes that are available such as The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Little Miss Muffet, and Mary Had A Little Lamb.

Poetry books are also available in Raz Kids Com Bookroom to bolster students’ listening and reading skills. Through listening, the students have opportunities to listen and read with intonation, pitch, and inflection. Some poetry books which are available are A Nation Arises, Sammy Has The Flu, Winter Is Fun and Making Changes: Poems About Great African Americans.

Song Books is like poetry and nursery rhymes which can help students to understand language’s rhyme and rhythm. By songs  which has melody and beat are capable of making students fun in reading the text. Song books boost students to sing along with the highlighted words in every Song Book karaoke-style. Some title of song books that are available are Circle of Smiles, I Am I, I’m Never Alone (Rap), I’m Never Alone (Song), Lotsa Pasta, The Rabbit, Oh Navajo Girl, Reading Mysteries,and Lulo Que Lulo.

In the Raz Kids, there are Spanish books and those books are suitable for students of ELL, and bilingual program.

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