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Raz Kids supplies more than 400 ebooks that can be read, listened, and even they can record themselves reading. The listen book can be listened to make students get fluency because they will listen to models fluency who will read the books for them. The read books can be read by students for them practicing. Recording themselves reading function for teachers to monitor the students progress.

In Raz Kids, students will find Raz Kids bookroom feature. What is it? What can students do there? Students will find it after they register to be the students of Raz Kids. They will find bookroom right after login in their homepage. From students homepage, students will see Reading Assignments and Book Room features. There are also Students’ Name, Parent, and Log Out in the right side of the top. There are Messages and Star Zone in the below section.

Click Book Room. After clicking it, studenst will find that there are a lot of books that are available to read. At first, students will see the books which are assigned by their teacher to read (based on their level). For example, a student is in K level, their bookroom will show the books of K level. The interesting one from bookroom is students can not only read the books that are assigned by their teacher (students can not only read the book based on their level, but students can read the books in the highlight letters). For example, a student is in K level, but the highlight letters are F,G,H,I, J and K. It means student can read the books in those levels, too. Students can select any books that they like to read in Raz Kids bookroom.

In the bookroom, same as in Reading Assignments, students can read, listen to the books and take a quiz. But these books will not be their actual assignments. In the More Books, students can see leveled books, Spanish books, books of alphabet, books of decodable, favorite characters, word books of high frequency, nursery rhymes, books of poetry, read aloud, books of song, sound/symbol books, quizzes of trade books, and vocabulary books.

In the favorite character, students will see the story of  some characters. For example, serial books of Maria. So, students can read Maria Counts Pumpkins, Maria Goes to School, Maria and Her Teacher, Maria’s Halloween, Maria Joins the Team, and Maria’s Family Celebration. For Carlos serial books, students can read Carlos Counts Kittens, Carlos Goes to School, Carlos and His Teacher, Carlos Joins The Team, and Welcome Carlos!. For the monster serial books, you can readLet’s Go to The Circus! and Bonk, the Healthy Monster. And many more serial stories that students can find there. In the poetry books, students can read and listen to Bird Children, Circle of Smiles, Flower Children, How Long? and so on.

Is it fun to use Raz Kids bookroom in Raz Kids homepage, right? Students can open the other files in More Books to find the other types of books. Students can select any books that they want to read there. Happy reading!

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