Patty Explains The Raz Kids App

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Now, I am going to explain you how I use the app Raz Kids for Spanish Class. So, let’s get started! First, when you tap on the Raz Kids app you get the screen with teacher username. If you do not have a username, you just press No Username? Start Here! link.

So, after you put teacher usename and click Go, you will get on to the page where you can see all your classmates. Then, click on your name. When you get there, you will see three stuff. They are Your Assignment, On Your Own Book Room, and Robot Builder. On Your Own Book Room is kind of where you want to go to read.  Robot Builder is a robot like the app. If once you read in the book room, you get stars. When you get enough stars, you get to decorate your own robot.

Patty Explains The Raz Kids App
When you click On Your Own Book Room, you will see a lot of e-books there. If you want to go back to the On Your Own Book Room just press the Back button. But now, we are going to get to the Spanish Book. Just click on More Books and then once you click on More Books, you go to the Spanish level books so that you can get some Spanish books. When you click on Spanish level books, you get to all these different Spanish books. There are some of the books. If you read them, you will get check mark under the eye ball. If you listened them, you will get check mark under the ear. When you click the ear mark, someone reads it aloud for you but when you click on the eye ball, it means you read yourself. Also you can record yourself reading it and send it to your teachers that actually can check it which I think it is cool.

For example, you want to read the book Dos. Click on the eye. To record your reading just simply click the Record button on the top right corner and it will start recording. You can turn the pages just by moving your finger around. When you get to the last page, you press the Stop button. And then, when you finally completed the book, you earn 50 stars. So, you can listen again, go to home or read the whole book again. Now, let’s press the Back button from Book Room.

Click on the Robot Builder. You will see there are body parts. You can get in different colors. There are also some other stuff beside that like hats etc. If you want to buy it, just click on it. After that, you will see the stars you need for buying that. Click buy button if you have enough stars. So, it will be automatically set on your robot.

So, basically you just read and then as a reward you get these stars to decorate your home robot. That means if your robot is pretty decorated, you read a lot of books.

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