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Raz Kids website houses hundred of animated ebooks spread over 27 level of difficulty. With Raz Kids, your students get the reading practice they need anytime anywhere they have the internet connection. On this site, students can listen to ebooks while viewing the highlighted words or phrases, read the book at their own pace, record the book to practice fluency, and take a comprehension quiz to check understanding. Raz Kids also provides you to classroom management tools that allows you to roster up to 36 students, create assignments and access a variety of reports.

Our individual and class reports will help you monitor student progress and our formative quiz report will help you determine the instruction needed for each student. Raz Kids also features a time-saving online running record tool to determine the appropriate reading level for each student as well as monitor their progress. The website also features a motivational Raz Rocket where students can enter and spends stars they earn for completing their assignments. For customers that have a subscription to the Raz Kids and Reading A-Z, you have access to hundreds of additional leveled ebooks and interactive comprehension equizzes in the On Your Own area.

New Raz-Kids Overview
Reading A-Z and Raz Kids work together to help give your students instructional resources and practice they need to be successful readers. Throughout the site you will see video help icon. These short tutorial videos will help you get started and allow you to take full advantage of all the amazing resources on Raz Kids.

The kind of books in Raz Kids is not only leveled books which is in fiction and nonfiction form but there are also nursery rhymes, poetry books, serial books (Favorite Books), song books, and Spanish books. These kinds of books are aimed to make students are able to know the genre of books, the part of each kind of books and of course for enriching students knowledge.

Now, you can have the Kids A-Z App for accessing ebooks in Raz Kids. You can download it from your smartphone or tablet so that you can be easier to access Raz Kids even when you are on the go. For you who use iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (iOS 7.0 or greater) you can download it from App Store. For you who use Android (OS 4.2 or greater) you can download from Google Play. For you who use Kindle Fire (OS 3.0 devices made in 2013 or later), you can download it from Amazon App Store.

Raz Kids has the good quality of books because Raz Kids uses Learning A-Z Text Leveling System. This system pays attention to many aspects in creating reading books for students based on their level.

Raz Kids so far has won many awards for their best products such as Multi-Level, Reading Resource Website from Eddie Award Winner in 2016, Best Solution for Special Needs Students from Codie Award Winner in 2016 and Best Early Learning, Reading Skills Website from Bessie Award Winner in 2016.

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