Learning A-Z’s “Do More with Common Core” Campaign Kickoff

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Learning A-Z is committed to providing resources that will save your time and help you implement Common Cores, key point of of emphasis such as text complexity, close reading, academic vocabulary, writing in response to reading, and others. Text complexity means how challenging is the material for children at their grade level. To determine the complexity, The Common Core State Standards employ three factors which are measures of quality, measures of quantity and considerations which relate to the task and reader.

Close reading is a main focus of the Common Core State Standards. It demands children to get involved with the text that they are reading. The aim is to teach children to notice features and language which are used by the writer. Children will be demanded to think methodically and throughly about details in the text that they are reading. Academic vocabulary is the words which are used in academic text and dialogue traditionally. It refers to words which are not common or they will find in conversation such as rather than ‘watch’ they are able to use ‘observe’.

The words will also help children to understand text across different content areas which contain of math, science, and history or social studies. Then, in writing, students are required to be able to write competently and effectively. To make sure the readiness of college and career, children have to be able to write for any kind of purposes, quote evidence from text, research and pass knowledge on a topic and make writing in diverse formats. The writing categories of common core standards focus on explanatory or informational, opinion or argument and narrative. And there are the other key topics which you can find in learninga-z.com such as foundational skills, text-dependent questions, informational text, and also assessment.

In 2013, we introduce a new common core resource microsite on learninga-z.com to highlight several key Common Core curriculum shifts, why they are important, and how learning a-z resources can help. Videos by topic are also included.

Teaching is not easy and now teachers are being challenged to do more often with less. That’s why we are dedicating 2014 to connect you with Learning A-Z resources that will help you do more with Common Core. Each month through videos and free webinars will keep you up to speed with how our resources can be used to address the key shifts of Common Core. We will also offer teaching tips and ideas from other educators as well as our team at Learning A-Z.

Throughout the year, we will continue adding  to our existing Common Core resources including a correlation of comprehension quiz items to Common Core State Standards, reading across text lessons with paired books, comprehension skill packs for explicit instruction of skills, lessons on visual devices like maps, charts, graphs, and much more. We will also hold a monthly contest for you to share tips and ideas related to Common Core and 21st century instruction.

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