Jameson Raz Kids Intro for Parents

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We will explain about how to use Raz Kids at Jameson School via tech lab website. We will learn how to sign on and read at home with your kids. We can start by coming to jamesonschooltech.weebly.com and then click on “Web 2.0 Tools”. So, when you get the Web 2.0 Tools, scroll all the way down to the bottom. There, you will find Raz Kids with parrot at the bottom. Press “Jameson Student Login”.  This will prompt you to enter your teacher code. You should have a code that your teacher sent for you. You must have your teacher username, your child’s username and if applicable there is a password for your child.

For example, we use Mrs. Fletcher username. So, you enter her username which is jamesonkroom8 and press “Go”. Then, click on your child’s name. When you come in, the Raz Kids home will be like the galaxy with the planets. There are assignments, book room, robot builder and Raz Rocket. There is also an alphabet on the top with four boxes which show your students reading level.

As they go to their assignments which are on the blue planet, they earn stars. So, if they read, listen, and take the quiz, they will get stars for each activity. After they get stars, they are able to come in and work on building their rocket which is really a good great motivator.

Come into your assignment. The things that we have been working on in a lab, first we listen. To do that, we just click the ear mark. After loading, see the words turning red and you must really focus on those words. Listening to them and watching with the eyes, encourage the students to do the same. After you have done listening, you will be at the screen where there is option you can go backwards, read again, take the quiz, or back to home. When, you press the home button, we will be back to the bookstore and we will earn more stars for listening to that book. So, now there is a green mark under the ear which shows that we have completed the activity.

Next, we will read the book. Press the eye button. There is record button. If you want to record, just press the record button. Then, press on “Allow” and follow the instruction. Your recording will come back to the teacher so the teacher can listen to the student read. It will also come to your accounts, you can listen to your son or daughter read it. At the end, we encourage students to listen to themselves and follow along with their own reading. So, they can give themselves a criticize and self evaluate their reading. After reading, you can press the home button and you will see that you get more stars.

We want students to take the quiz right after reading and listening because we want to make sure that the data we get from the quiz is authentic.

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