How to Troll People in Thinking You Have 10,000,000 Stars on Raz Kids

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Today, so many kids use Raz Kids as their reading resources either individually or in their classroom. Why do they use Raz Kids? Raz Kids is very fun to do because it has more than 800 e-books to read or listen. They can also take the quiz after they read and listen to the book. And after they do each activity, they can get many stars.

Then, what are the stars for? The stars that they get can be used for purchasing the items that they want because in Raz Kids there are 2 awesome features that make students excited to come again and again to read in Raz Kids. Those two awesome things are Raz Rocket and Robot Builder. Students can personalize the Raz Rocket and Robot builder based on what they want. They can add hats, eyes, hands, change the background and many more. If you want to buy a lot of items, it means you have to read, listen and take the quiz often so that you will get the stars more and more. How if you want to troll people that you have 10 billion stars?

How to Troll People in Thinking You Have 10,000,000 Stars on Raz Kids
Here, we are going to learn how to hack Raz Kids. This is not a fake, by the way. But, you can troll the people and say that you have as many stars that you want it. It is with inspect the element. So, all of you have to do is right click on your stars with your finger. And then left click inspect. There will appear the data and choose data which are highlighted in grey. You have to click that a couple times. Then, click on the amount of stars that you have. Then, type in a number for example 10 billion. Hit enter and you will have 10 billion stars.

But if you reload the page, you go back to the amount you had. And some other hacks you can do, you can go to look up youtube picture on your search engine. Take whatever image you want. Do the same thing. Hit copy image address. Go back to Raz Kids. Right click on Kids A-Z and click inspect where the link is down there. Edit the link and paste the link of the picture you have copied on the image address. So, now you can see that the Kids A-Z change into the picture that you have copied that is youtube.

Do you hate your reading assignments? Another thing you can do is you can go to inspect element on your reading assignment.

Okay, that is all the explanation of hacking in Raz Kids. It is just for fun. And remember that this only can be done for PC and you just have to hit with your fingers inspect, find something and change whatever you want.

Hopefully, it will be useful. And do not forget that now you can open your Raz Kids account through Kids A-Z App. Download now!

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