How to Hack Raz Kids with Voice

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Raz Kids is a reading website that has more than 800 ebooks. The ebooks include leveled books, poetry books, nursery rhymes, song books and Spanish books. The books can be either read or listened. The books consist of fiction and nonfiction. After you pass the activities like reading, listening, and taking quiz, you will get stars. Those stars can be used for purchasing items for personalizing your Raz Rocket and Robot Builder. What are those?

The most interesting ones of  Raz Kids are Raz Rocket and Robot Builder. Those are made for motivating students to come back to the site again and again. Raz Rocket and Robot Builder can be decorated by the students. But, to decorate them, students have to buy items. To buy the items, they have to have enough stars. And to get the stars they have to pass many activities in Raz Kids like reading, listening,  record their reading and taking the quiz. How to buy the items if we just have a few stars?

Now, we are going to show you how to hack Raz Kids so that you can buy the items that you want even though you have a few stars. We know that all of you do not do this but it is just for showing to people because we never read a clear article of this. So, just start this now.

First, you have to log in to your Raz Kids account. Then, go to your Robot Builder. For example, you want a pair of eyes for your robot. Choose one pair of eyes. Then, you got a right-click on the eyes that you want. And make sure that you open your account via Google Chrome. Then, click on the Inspect element. It will appear the data. Select the data of item that you want. For example, you choose the eyes item which cost 3000 stars. Double click it. Now, what you wanna do is deleting the number and make that to whatever number that you want. You can type  number 10 for example. Then, click enter. Back to your account and buy the item by clicking the item. Click buy. On the screen, it is still said 3000 stars but you just inspected the element. You can not do this on your ipad or any other devices except the computer.

It is fun to use Raz Kids. Beside you can read and listen hundreds of books, improving your skills, you can also decorate Raz Rocket and Robot Builder. Then, you can also download Raz Kids App which the name is Kids A-Z. This App will make you easier to read, listen and pass the quiz anytime and anywhere. Of course, you can download it for free. But, remember that if you want to hack Raz Kids to make you to be able to buy the items that you want, you can not do it via smartphone. You have to do it via your laptop or computer using Google Chrome. Happy trying!

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