Common Core: Writing

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The Common Core State Standards require students to be able to write effectively and proficiently. In order to ensure college and career readiness, students must be able to write for a variety of purposes, cite evidence from text, research and present knowledge on a topic and produce and publish writing in a variety of formats. Studies show that learning to present important information in an organized piece of writing help students generate a greater understanding of a text. In addition, it helps improve both their reading comprehension and their writing skill.

With the implementation of the Common Core Standards students will be required to cite evidence from text through writing. This includes written responses to text dependent questions. Reading A-Z Common Core supplement lesson plans paired  books and close reading packets. All provide students with opportunities to compose written responses to questions along a range of complexity as well as to gain practice with citing evidence in support of those answers.

 Common Core: Writing
In addition, all Reading A-Z leveled book quizzes at level C and above feature at least one extended response question. These questions require students to give an open-ended written response using sound reasoning. Writer’s responses for select Reading A-Z leveled book titles at levels E through Z also encourage students to reflect on the deeper meaning of each book read, prompt support writing that applies synthesizes or evaluates a book’s enduring understanding which provides lasting value through college career and beyond.

Writing A-Z offers writing lessons from multiple text types including those that are the focus of the Common Core State Standards in writing. This lesson follow the steps of the writing process and give students the practice they need to craft compositions on a range of content such as informational reports on a topic of study, fictional and personal narratives and opinion pieces. Each instructional lesson plan is paired with corresponding student resources at four levels of writing proficiency. To help teachers differentiate their instruction, the website also provides hundreds of additional aids for teaching writing aimed to getting students to craft varied pieces of writing over short time frame such as mini books, wordless books and writing prompts.

Science A-Z offers open-ended writing opportunities that allow students to respond to nonfiction text in life, earth, and physical science. As students complete investigation packs and hands-on process activities, they collect and record evidence and data using writing skills. Our graphic organizers, unit quizzes, debates and science fair resources will also support your efforts to implement Common Core Standards with students.

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