Common Core and Reading A-Z

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Reading A-Z provides hundreds of informational text to support all students in learning the key skills outlined in the Common Core Standards. Our printable nonfiction books help students succeed in the four key anchor standard areas. Key ideas and details, craft and structure, knowledge and ideas integration, and reading and level range of text complexity.

Reading A-Z which provides 27 reading levels from kindergarten to 5th grade contain books on a range of popular science and social studies topics, allowing you to teach reading in conjunction with content area material, saving your time and resources. Use our multi-level books to meet the varying needs of your students. Multi-level books on the same topic allow you to focus on demonstrating key skills with the whole class while still differentiating your instruction. Projectable resources provide the perfect tool for whole class instruction, help students identify and understand text features such as a table of contents, maps and diagrams, bold print and glossary. With older students you are able to extend the discussion of craft instructor to describe and compare books on the same topic.

Common Core and Reading A-Z

We make finding resources to teach specific common core standards quick and easy. On the member home page click on common core standards in the search and correlation section. Select your grade level and click Go. Next, scroll the list of standards to find the standard you want to teach. Clicking on materials correlated to the standards takes you to a list of resources from which to select. With Reading A-Z finding the resources you need to teach common core standards are just a click away.

Features that is owned by Reading A-Z are leveled books, skill and theme packs, reading skills lessons and activities, foundational skills lessons and activities, common core/ 21st century resources, translated books and instructional support. Leveled books provides students with differentiated reading support with more than 1,500 leveled fiction and nonfiction books spanning 29 levels of reading difficulty. Those resources are completed with corresponding lesson plans, worksheets, discussion cards, and comprehension quizzes. Skills and theme packs make students to be able to build critical reading skills. It is also completed with themes which meet a variety of reading needs, including whole-class, small-group, and one to one instruction. Reading skills lessons and activities help the teaching of key reading skills, including fluency, writing, vocabulary and comprehension. Foundational skills lessons and activities support the teaching of reading foundations which is important and it includes phonological awareness, alphabet, high-frequency words, phonics and fluency. Common core/ 21th century resources lecture targeted college and career readiness skills which stressed by the common core state standards and state, national and international curriculum initiatives. Translated books provide a wealth of content in French, Spanish, British English, ELL, dual-language, and bilingual programs. The last but not least, the feature of Reading A-Z is instructional support. Instructional support has a plenty of instructional needs which include summer school, intervention sessions, project-based learning , literacy frameworks, and tutoring programs.

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