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Are you looking for a teaching website that can help you to improve your reading ability? Of course, there are a lot of websites which provides teaching in the internet. It can be about reading learning, understanding formulas of Math, Physics or Chemistry. But, if you look for teaching website for improving kids ability of reading www Raz Kids Com is an answer.

Raz-Kids is a teaching website which is not only helping kids in improving reading skills but Raz-Kids is present for reducing illiterate and increasing people especially kids to love reading. As we know that reading has a lot of beneficial for us like expanding our knowledge, entertaining, increasing vocabulary, increasing focus, expanding our way of thinking, increasing quality of our memory and the other beneficials.

Www Raz Kids Com
Therefore, Raz-Kids is made to make people easy for improving reading ability. What can we do in Raz Kids Com?

  1. In the website, there are about 800 ebooks available. We can read the text online or with mobile formats. Even the ebook will always be added in a month.
  2. The texts in the website is not only for reading, they also can be listened so that we can know how to pronounce the words.
  3. Another beneficial of joining at Raz Kids, we can take a test for measuring our comprehension of reading a text that we have done.
  4. There is also teachers who can help us in learning process. The teachers will give us assigments and track the progress of the students
  5. We can access Raz-Kids anytime and anywhere.

Then, how to join Raz-Kids? Here is Raz Kids student login. You have to register first. If you want to try it first, Raz-Kids also provides Free Trial. After you register in the website by filling the form, then you will have username and password. After having password, you can login to the website and you can enjoy reading the provided text based on the level.

The text is not only story but also in the form of poetry, song, serial and also nursery rhymes. The various of text type are aimed to make the kids unsaturated, enjoyable and also recognize the types of text.

How about the quality? Do not worry. Raz Kids is trusted because it has achieved a number of awards like:

  1. Bessie Award Winner as Best Reading Resource Website Multi Level in 2015
  2. Bett Award Finalist as Educational Apps in 2016
  3. Codie Award Winner as Best Solution for Special Needs Students in 2016.
  4. Eddie Award Winner as Multi-Level Reading Resource Website in 2016
  5. Codie Award Finalist as Best ESL, ELL or World Language Acquisition Solution

If you are interested, just visit www.raz-kids.com and join there. Enjoy the fun reading activities because by joining Raz Kids, You will never regret!

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