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Raz Kids as a website that helps students to learn gives any facilities not only for students but also for teachers and parents. Www.Raz-Kids.com app will make them easier to access Raz-Kids wherever and whenever. Students can read thousands ebooks through their laptop/computer, tablet or smartphone. They just need to connect to the internet.

Student can do their assignments and open their bookroom. Reading or listening to the ebooks and then taking a corresponding eQuiz can be done even when they are on the go. They are probably too busy to do their activities in Raz Kids so that they do not want to leave the page all day long. Whereas, they have to go. Do not worry, they still can access their reading resources in Raz Kids using www.Raz-Kids.com app which appears as Kids A-Z app. The existence of Raz Kids app will keep you connect to Raz Kids. Students still can get their score from their activities on Raz Kids. They can buy items and decorate their Raz Rocket and Robot Builder. While they are waiting in a waiting room they can read the ebooks to spend their time to make their time more useful by simply opening Kids A-Z app.

Teacher also can give assignments and track their students. All the students activities will be captured to teachers online via the Kids A-Z Student Management hub. It makes teacher easy to track and decide the instruction for the future needs of the students.

Parents also can see their child progress via their tablet or smartphone anytime and anywhere. They also can download and install Kids A-Z app in their smartphone to check their child activities on Raz Kids. Whether their child have moved up to the next level, which books that have read or listen by their child, which assignment and quiz that their child have taken along with their scores, or even how many stars (awards and incentives) that their child have gotten. All those activities can be seen in one app that is www.Raz-Kids.com app. This app is present to make the customers easy in using Raz Kids.

You just have to download and install it from your smartphone or tablet. Download the free Kids A-Z app now. For you who use iphone, ipod touch (iOS 7.0 or greater) and ipad (iOS 7.0 or greater) you can download it via App Store. And for you who use android you can easily download from Google Play (OS 4.2 or greater). You can also download from Amazon App Store (OS 3.0 devices made in 2013 or later).

Is it easy right? So, what are you waiting for? If you need a complete resources of reading books and want to practice anytime and anywhere just use Raz Kids as your reading partner and subscribe! And don’t forget to donwload it from your smartphone or tablet to make you easy to access even when you are on the go. In the App, you can also find the other products of Learning A-Z like Science A-Z and Headsprout.

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