What’s New on Writing A-Z, April 2017

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Accoding to the Common Core State Standards in writing, students at every elementary level need to learn how to gather information on a topic from a variety of sources as part of the larger anchor standard, research to build and present knowledge. Let’s consider this scenario for a moment. You are preparing to have your students write a report on a topic but as part of this preparation you first need to obtain enough source material on a topic that is level appropriate to model to your students how to gather information from a variety of sources for that report.

Having been a classroom teacher, we know that for a variety of reasons, this initial preparation task is not always an easy one. Especially considering all the other equally important preparation tasks, you must also accomplish in the same time period for other lessons. That is why under the tools tab on Writing A-Z, you will find a category of resources labeled research packets. These themes packets are designed for both instructional and student use. And provide sample sources on a topic in a variety of formats such as encyclopedias, books, and magazines. And better yet, every topic includes a packet of sample sources at each developmental level helping students to focus most on the main objective, learning how to gather information from sources. At Writing A-Z, our goal is always to provide you with quality resources that are easily accessible and save you time.

What’s New on Writing A-Z, April 2017
What’s New on Writing A-Z, April 2017
UsingWriting A-Z, you will get comprehensive resources and tools which contain writing instruction because Writing A-Z has thousands of downloadable and projectable resources for instruction of writing and also a collection of interactive online tools which students are able to use anytime and anywhere. Writing A-Z is able to improve prewriting and writing skills of students, address different genres and strategies of writing and differentiate the instruction of various writing levels for students.

Writing A-Z provides complete resources to improve writing skills of students which includes emergent writing resources, process writing resources and writing skill resources. Emergent writing resources are lessons and tools which are effective and easy to use that teach critical writing fundamentals to early writers. Process writing resources are lessons for students which are scaffolded that guide them via writing process for any kinds of genres for grade 1 to 6 writers. Writing skill resources are tools to teach a diversity of writing skills which are needed by students to make them clear and accurate writers.

There are also several writing tools which are interactive. They are process writing workshop, build-a-book, and write your way. Process writing workshop provides students with guidance in step by step and practice which are necessary to complete the writing process. Build-a-book enable students to combine various composition to create their own illustrated book. Write your way is to draft on-page compositions which are quick and easy.

We encourage you to check out Writing A-Z’s collection of research packets and to use them in conjunction with our comprehensive core writing lessons for informational report and biography. Both lessons are found under the lessons tab. Happy writing.

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