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With the right learning supplements today, imagine what they can be tomorrow. Every time children learn to read, their world gets brighter. So does ours. Literacy is the foundation of all learning. But not all children learn at the same level. Teachers work hard to teach kids, no matter where they are. And learning A-Z is there to help.

Our supplements can be customized to meet every child at their learning level and integrate easily with any core curriculum. When teachers’ jobs get easier, they have more time for the job they love. That means improved literacy and a brighter world.

You give everything you can to your students. Your supplemental materials should work as hard as you do. Learning A-Z helps teachers differentiate their instruction with customized learning solutions for each student. We provide resources that fill the gaps in traditional core programs. While we help you save time, we are also expanding access to learning. All of our resources are available online 24/7. You can get what you need, when you need it, at an unmatch value.
Welcome to Learning A-Z
Welcome to Learning A-Z
How we read may be changing. These days words have plenty of competition. Electronic speed seduces youngsters toward the screen. But technology-hooked kids still want to learn, and they can. With our online interactive options, including leveled audio books, kids can hear their own words, read aloud, and record their own voices. Plugging in to read at home empowers them with access like never before. Combining the best of print with powerful technology innovations, Learning A-Z is taking the 21st century challenge.

Shawne wants to be a TV anchor. Reading A-Z is giving her and her classmates Reader’s Theater scripts at multiple levels, so they can practice their reading out loud. As they read on their level, their self-confidence grows. The phonological awareness lessons help their pronunciation. And when they want to take readers home to practice, there are no worries because Reading A-Z supplements can always be marked up and replaced.    Many kids in Ms. Walker’s class were struggling and seemed to lack motivation. Raz Kids transformed the chemistry of her classroom. These challenged kids were all very independent. So, they loved that they could choose their own interactive audio book, even record their voices and test themselves. Some even plugged in at home to practice the leveled reading Mr. Walker assigned from her virtual Teacher’s Corner.

Jacob wants to go to Mars when he is big. But long before that, he will need to understand galaxies, gravity, and the physics of rocket thrust. He will also need to successfully read at his grade level. And that’s where Science A-Z can help. Because his teacher paid for a 12-month subscription to Science A-Z for his entire class, he could print out a level-appropriate reader for Jacob on the solar system.

Jorge wants to be a video game designer. But the sooner he gets his writing skills on par with his reading skills, the better he will be prepared to compete in tomorrow’s world. Writing A-Z is helping.

Before she turns 30, Sara will lead a team of biotech engineers. Today she is using Vocabulary A-Z to learn the words she will need for the job. Sara’s teacher can customize word lists, choosing from a variety of subjects-not only science, but art, social studies, health, sports, and more. And when time is a factor, Sara’s teacher knows she can count on Vocabulary A-Z for dependable pre-made vocabulary lists and lesson plans that integrate easily with the core curriculum.

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