The Ultimate Raz-Kids Hack

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Do you like reading at Raz Kids? If you have used Raz Rocket as your reading resources, of course you are very familiar with Raz Rocket and Robot Builder. Raz Rocket and Robot Builder are presented by Raz Kids for motivating students. It can happen because in Raz Kids, after you read the book, listen to the book and take the quiz, you will get the stars. So, if you do the activities more and more, you will also get the stars more. Those earned stars can be used for purchasing items to personalize your rocket and robot.

To buy the items at the catalog, you have to have enough stars. If not, you can not buy them for sure. Then, the thing that you can do is you have to read, listen and take the quiz again and again so you can get more stars. But, there is also a way that you can do to buy the items even though your stars are not enough.

Now, we will show you very awesome Raz Kids hack. First, you can go to the robot builder. Then, you can go to the item that you want to buy. Right click on the item, and choose “Inspect element”. After that, you can click to the data which is in grey. For example, in the data the price of the item is 3000. You can change it by double clicking on it and change the number as you want.  Then, press enter. Now, you can buy the item even though you have only a few stars. To buy another item, you can try to inspect the element again. You only can do it in your computer. Isn’t that cool?

The Ultimate Raz-Kids Hack
The products which is owned by Raz Rocket are leveled books, song books, nursery rhymes, poetry books and Spanish books. Those books can be enjoyed by students in the form of reading and listening. After  you did those activities, you can take the quiz to check your reading comprehension. Each activity that you do, you will get stars.

Raz Kids can be used individually at home by yourself or at school with your classmates. The content of books is adapted with students level. The level of students is determined by Learning A-Z Text Leveling System which consist of qualitative measures and quantitative measures. To decide the level of students, teacher can see through Level Correlation Chart.

Teacher in Raz Kids has function as someone who gives assignments to the students based on the students level. Then, teacher also can give extra bonus by giving extra stars. Or the teacher is also able to send messages to the students for giving them motivation etc.

Parents are able to check their child progress by logging in to the Raz Kids. Parents also can get their child report via email regularly. So, parents will not worry about their child.

Now, you are able to download Kids A-Z app in your smartphone or tablet.

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