The New Enhanced ELL Reading Solution

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Everyday, the more than 5 million English Language Learners (ELL) in schools across the United States face a duel challenge: acquire English language proficiency and at the same time, master academic content knowledge. We at Learning A-Z are proud to announce a solution to that challenge. The enhanced ELL reading solution specifically is designed for English language learners and align to Wida, Tesol and Common Core Standards. This research based solution expands your reading A-Z solution into our enhanced ELL reading solution.

The engaging resources included in the enhanced ELL reading solution incorporate differentiated instruction and best practices for teaching English language learners. Created for English language learners in Kindergarten through grade 5 and beyond, this collection of time-saving tools and resources meets the needs of students from beginning to advanced levels of language proficiency. With enhanced ELL reading, listening, speaking and writing instruction are integrated with essential grammar and vocabulary support and organized by content area topics. The enhanced ELL solution features 5 new resources in addition to the award-winning Reading A-Z and Raz Kids resources. First and foremost, the ELL leveled reader packs are a perfect companion for existing leveled books. The ELL leveled reader packs are comprehensive resource for scaffolding reading instruction for English language learners at all proficiency levels.

Teachers are able to follow the plan of lesson step by step and day by day or they can select individual vocabulary, grammar, writing or assessment materials to support a variety of teaching scenarios. Next, the ELL content picture packs further explore topics and themes addressed in the leveled reader packs. We made the ELL content picture packs help your English language learners develop vocabulary language and critical thinking skills using engaging images effectively and efficiently.

In addition, we created ELL vocabulary books for the purpose of developing students social and academic language through their emphasis on content area themes that are covered in other enhanced ELL resources. We also designed ELL assessments at all grade ranges as an important tool for gaining in-depth information about students language development across the domains of speaking, writing, reading and listening, a key point in the school year. Using data from the ELL assessments, teachers will be able to select enhance the ELL resources such as language skill pack lessons to address identified gaps in students language development.

The language skill packs of ELL provide resources which are comprehensive for teachers to meet students needs by teaching targeted language skills while building academic content knowledge. With the enhanced ELL reading solution, students are provided with the support necessary to apply higher level thinking skills and analyze content knowledge while developing their English language skills. Use together the components of enhanced ELL build authentic and effective learning experiences for all English language learners to guide them toward future educational success.

So, if you want to improve your English language proficiency and also master academic content knowledge, you can use Learning A-Z to be your learning partner because Learning A-Z has several features which can help you improve both.

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