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Learning A-Z launched a significant new feature on one of our incredible websites. There is My Zone. My Zone is a digital file cabinet for organizing resources, a place to see most popular books, hot search topics or resources related to upcoming calendar events and more. All to save you time and keep you organized.

When you log in to Reading A-Z, you will notice some features in the upper right hand corner of your browser window. This gives you easy access to My Zone and its features from anywhere on the website. Starting with a file cabinet, you can add folders and subfolders maybe by topic or reading group. But really any way you want to help you organize your favorite Reading A-Z resources, having your favorite files in one place means you are spending less time getting organized and more time planning instruction. You start with the topic of spring and added a folder. Marking it as a favorite so it would appear the top of your folder list.

Reading A-Z
Use ‘Edit Folder Options’ to write a reminder note to yourself about what would be in your spring folder. Next, you created subfolders in your spring folder for each of your reading groups. Then, you start searching. Use the keyword search to find books about spring, earth day and life cycles and narrowed by levels to find books for each reading group. When you find a book you like, go to its home page and looked for the folder icon next to the resources you want to add to your folder.

Because you already set up your folders, just click the icon and select the folder to add it to. It was that simple. Over in your file cabinet, it is easy to move, copy or delete any items from your folders. You can also see what you recently added to any folder just in case you accidentally add a free source to a folder different from the one you intended. If you have not set up folders yet, you can add resources to your My Reading A-Z folder and then go to your file cabinet to organize them later.

Using the resource calendar, you will see upcoming events to integrate into your reading instruction as part of cultural celebrations or important dates and science or social studies. Add resources from the calendar entries to your folders to or just download them. If you decide later to add to your folder, something you recently downloaded you can go to my history and see right away your latest downloads.

Seeing the most popular books for each level and looking at the topic cloud for the hot search topics helps you see what other teachers find valuable and might inspire you to try a new book or topic with your class. My profile helps you easily track your subscription information if you have a school or district license. You will see an option to email your license coordinator to let him or her know you are excited to renew for next year.

Getting your Reading A-Z files organized and at your digital fingertips means you can spend less time hunting for resources and more time planning how to use them to meet the needs of every student.

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