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Do you use Raz Kids for your reading resources? It is great because Raz Kids is a reading resources website which contains more than 800 e-books and it will help students to improve their reading skill immediately in a fun way.

We are going to show you a feature on Raz Kids that will allow you to keep in contact with your students over the summer, maybe giving them a few words of encouragement to keep up with their reading and also awarding them some bonus stars to spend them in the motivational Raz Rocket. If you go to your roster, you will see “Class Messages”. Click on that tab and this will let you enter a message to the entire class. Maybe at the beginning of the summer you want to give them all a little encouragement. There is also “Award Bonus Stars” where you can give them some bonus stars to get them started for the summer that they can spend in the Raz Rocket.

Raz-Kids, What’s New Video, Learning A-Z, April 2017
If you want to send them an individual student a message, select their name in the “Select a Student” and the box under “Enter your message” is where you can enter message and again if you want to give them some bonus stars as encouragement, you can select the number beside “Award Bonus Stars” and then send it. The function of message feature for teacher is that the teacher can send reminders, acknowledge special achievements, award bonus stars, and guide students which need extra help.

When the student next goes their assignment page, they will see your message and the fact that they have got these stars. One other thing, if by any chance you have not enabled the book room or the Raz Rocket for a student for any particular reason for example at the roster you can see that neither one of your student Abby or Andy has the book room or the Raz Rocket enabled. So, to enable them for those two students, you have to select their names individually. This brings up their profile and you can check the enable book room and enable Raz Rocket in the boxes and update. When those students go to their assignment page, those two tabs will be available for them, the Book Room and the Raz Rocket.

This feature combined with the reading contracts and reading logs which will keep your students motivated to practice their reading throughout the long summer vacation. And there is some great news that Raz Kids became Eddie Award Winner in 2016 for Multi-Level, Reading Resource Website, Codie Award Winner in 2016 for Best Solution for Special Needs Students, AAP REVERE Award Finalist in 2016 for Supplemental Resources, Resources for Learners with Additional Educational Needs, Bessie Award Winner in 2016 for Best Early Learning, Reading Skills Website and many more awards that won by Raz Kids. Those awards prove that Raz Kids keep on growing to be the best reading resources website for the satisfaction of customers.

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