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Another website that we want to show you focuses on called Raz-Kids.com. So you might be familiar with it but in any case when you search it via google search, it is important to put hyphen in there. Otherwise, it will take you to another website.When you login, click Login and then you have to put the teacher’s name. After that, you can click on student’s name and enter your password. The passwords are the same passwords that was sent out at the beginning of the year for the school password.

This is basically a reading site that has a lot of reading supplemental reading material for them. So,  there are a bunch of books that have been designated at this particular students reading level. The Raz stands for Reading A –Z. So, the skill level progression is begun at a and is ended by  Z which is about sixth grade reading level. So, you will see the student is at level Q for example, and they have got a certain number of things to do.

Each book has three different tasks that the kids can do. They can either listen to ebook, read ebook or then finally take a quiz on that book. The kids receive points that you will see it is getting spendable 50 points. So, we will pick another book. Let’s do Sharks for example. The books are online book. They are very short for the kids to read which it gives them nice practice at their skill level.

Raz Kids Update
They are not necessarily required to read this out loud. Although there is option for you to ask the kids to record a book and in that case they would read that book out loud into the computer. That recording will be saved by teacher and that is something that teacher can use to test the students skill level and use some analysis tools that we have here.

So, it is a nice system that they have set up. You will see it is a short 20-page book or so. The kids can not just skip. If you just skip quickly they will not give you a check here. Then, you know the fun part of it that keeps the kids coming back and a lot of kids do is that they get these points and then they get to spend them here at their rocket room and so they get to design a little virtual studio. This is not meant to replace our reading system. It is just an opportunity to get kids reading more frequently.

This is a kind of nice short homework assignments you have to give them 15 to 20 minutes worth of reading. In any case, that is just kind of a brief overview. We know you might have some questions in terms of how we determine the level. So, that is just kind of an overview. You can play around the site yourself and you can ask specific questions.

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