Raz Kids Technology Demonstration iPhone

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We are going to explain about Raz Kids. It is an online tool which is also an app that can be used on the iPad. The first thing that you do is going into your internet browser such as firefox. Then, we just log in with the teacher username. You will see there are students in your class and click on your name.

There are a few things on the screen for every area. If you go to Your Assignment, you will see check marks under some of your books. If the check mark under the ear mark, it means you have listened to it. If the check mark under eye ball mark, it means you have read that. If the check mark under question mark, it means you have taken the quiz. If you want to open the book, just simply click on it. You indeed can record yourself. It is great for kids to listen to themselves reading with expression and that is very important skill in reading. If you want to know the pronunciation of the word of the book, just click on the word. And after you did the activities, you will get points.

Raz Kids Technology Demonstration iPhone
So, in the e-book, you can listen and it is a great tool. There is animation so it will keep your busy eyes and busy minds looking at the screen. When you take the quiz and you click on the questions, it will read to you. For giving your answers of the questions, you just simply by clicking on a, b or c which is the right answer. The good thing from this, when you got bad result of quiz, the book will ask you to read the book again and take the quiz again for better result.

If you click on the Book Room, you will see the different levels obviously. Click on the leveled book, there are leveled books, Spanish leveled books, nursery rhymes, poetry books, song books, and trade book quizzes. That is awesome. There is also a place for parents to register. Parents can see reports on what their child is reading and the parents can register and get emails about this.

In the Teacher Corner, teacher can do running records. There is also mobile app so that you can use in your house. There are Raz Rocket Details, Parent Access, Summer Materials, Video Library, and Training which is huge for teachers because they can learn something new and this is opportunity to learn it from the video. We can learn a ton through the videos. They are giving you so much stuff here and it would be a great tool in every classroom to see what your kids are learning and to give another opportunity to listen, to read even for themselves or for each other. Raz Kids can connect to the classroom and it is also so simple to do it at home. It will help families who feel like they are running out of the time. By using Raz Kids, you can just spend about 30 minutes or 20 minutes a day.

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