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To set up your account, you have to log in by using your username and password. And then, it will you to the Raz Kids site. For your information, Learning A-Z is the parent company of Raz Kids which the name will appear above Raz Kids site. And there are several divisions and different programs within Learning A-Z. We have Reading A-Z and Raz Kids. But there are also Headsprout, Science A-Z, Writing A-Z, Vocabulary A-Z and Ready Test. Those are pointed out because once you have logged into one of the programs, you are actually logged into all the ones that you have purchased. So, once you click into Raz Kids, you can click Reading A-Z button, and go to the Reading A-Z and vice versa.

When, your screen is in the teacher page of Raz Kids, we can use “Manage Students” and “Teacher Corner” features. There is a question of the teacher of how the teachers determine which level to enroll their students in. To figure that out you can go to the “Teacher Corner” and there is a “Correlation Chart”. So, if your assessments give you these kind of results then you can just use this chart to convert it to Raz Kids level. But, you don’t have an exact correlation to these reading programs, so your options are you can use other data and the grade levels and age ranges to determine Raz Kids levels or you can use running records which are fantastic for determining levels.

Raz Kids Teacher Set Up
How to assign the running record? In the teacher corner, there is a link that says About Running Records and everything you need to know for how to assess students, how often to assess them and then what to do with the data are available there.

Now, we will go to the “Manage Students”. Under “Manage Students” you can see all the students on your roster and then you can see links to your “Roster” page, “Reports”, “Assignments” and “In Basket”. How to set up your roster? Just click the roster link. If you come in for the first time and you didn’t have a roster, you would click on “Add Students” and then just follow the steps for the information that they want. There you can see what you need to enter as a class chart name. We do this because we don’t want the whole world to be able to see each student’s name on your roster. So, to protect students and give a little bit more security you can enter in a unique class chart name which is what the other students and parents will say and that could be an ID number, nickname or award that you use to identify that student. You can also enter their first and last name. This is optional but it is recommended doing it. Then, you assign your students reading level and there are several places to change this. Then, you decide whether you want students have access to that. Then, you decide whether your students can have access to the incentive. And beside Incentive button, there is “Password” where you can assign them a password.

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