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Recently, learning can be done whenever and wherever. High technology makes people easier to attend a class. A lot of learning websites that offers learning process via online. It can be in the form of ebooks, video, online text or even interactive class via streaming.

There in one of the best learning websites, Raz-Kids. Raz Kids is a part of Learning A-Z product. Raz-Kids is an award-winning teaching product which helps children to improve their reading ability. Several awards that have achieved by Raz Kids are 2016 Eddie Award Winner as Multi-level Reading Resource Website, 2016 Codie Award Winner as Best Solution for Special Needs Students, 2016 Bett Award Finalist as Educational Apps and 2015 Bessie Award Winner as Best Reading Resource Website Multi Level.

Www Raz Kids Com has more than 800 leveled ebooks to read anytime and anywhere with new books added every month. After reading activity, the children can measure their comprehension by taking a corresponding eQuiz. There is also Spanish ebook and eQuiz translation for billingual program.

Raz Kids Student Login
Raz Kids provides 29 level reading which can improve children reading ability and  the range of their vocabulary is able to increase. They also can learn the correct pronunciation and improve reading literacy by being served the nursery rhymes, poetry, song and serial books.

Some benefits of joining Raz Kids:

  1. Students can practice reading anytime and anywhere.
  2. Teachers can give tasks and track the progress of the students with online asessment and students recording.
  3. Giving a simple of viewing reports for individuals, classrooms or schools.
  4. There are a lot of ebooks which consist of differents types of text.

Here are the steps of doing Raz Kids Student Login:

  1. Visit raz-kids.com
  2. Click kids login
  3. Click the symbol above your name
  4. Enter your password

Make sure that the students have registered in the website. If the students have not registered yet, they can try this by joining trial program by clicking Start My Free Trial. They can also try free interactive ebook samples so that they can imagine the reading text that will they learn in the future when they are really registered in the website. The title of the samples are Maria Goes to School, Scaredy Crow, How Zebras Got Their Stripes and the other interesting ebook samples. There the students can listen the text, read the text, view worksheets, and take the quiz for the text.
Here students can also pick different teacher that they want. There are several teachers that they can choose by entering the teacher’s username.

Joining Raz Kids will be very enjoyable, fun, simple and easy. Because Raz Kid offers a number of level reading texts based on level that can make children learn to read based on their level ability. Then, Raz Kids also offers competent teacher to give asessment and to assist the students to do their reading activity.

What are you waiting for, kids? Even doing Raz Kids Login has been explained above. Come and join us so that you can experience different method of reading learning.

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