Raz Kids Star Rewards Explained

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Raz Kids is a reading resource website that is fun to use for children. Beside it has more than 800 e-books that include leveled books, song books, poetry books, nursery rhymes and Spanish books, Raz Kids has the other fun features. There are Raz Rocket and Robot Builder. Students can customize them by using the stars that they have earned to purchase the items.

Those stars can be gotten by doing the activities in Raz Kids such as reading, listening, and taking the quiz. Here are the number of stars that will students get after they pass the activities. For practice recording, students can earn 10 stars. For listening book, students can earn 10 stars. For reading book, students can earn 50 stars. For passing quiz, students can earn 100 stars. For doing perfect quiz, students can earn 150 stars. For completing assessment, students can earn 300 stars. And for completing assignments, students can earn 500 stars. It is fun, right?

Raz Kids Star Rewards Explained
When you first log in to your Raz Kids account, you will see the screen with planets in the galaxy. Down at the bottom there is a white star in red background. If we click on that, we will go to the screen where you are able after you have read books. You get to spend your stars on different things. So, if you look at the top of the screen, your teacher can point to it, there is an orange star and next to is the number, for example number 20. So, that means you have enough books to get those stars. Now, let’s go to the robot builder.

There, you can change the robot anyway you want if you have enough stars to pay for it. If you want to give the robot some arms, it will say you need 130 and more stars to buy that. It means that eventually you can come back and spend the money for the stars to change up the robot. But for now, you can not because you do not have enough. You only have 20 stars for example.

Now, we are going to hit the back button in the top left corner. And if you go over there to the Raz Rocket, it is the same type of the thing. So, you can build your robot and you can also build your rocket. Let see if you click on the window and wait things to pop up. It usually takes a few seconds. After your screen becomes black and underneath you see a lot of items, you can choose different animals or aliens that you want to bring with you. You can also choose different furniture. You can choose different types of plants, different things to play with, and different backgrounds. But all of those costs stars and you only have 20 for example. It means you do not enough stars to buy them. So, you have to go and read some books in Raz Kids.

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