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At the present time, learning using laptop/computer or smartphone is a usual thing to do because everything becomes easy to access by internet connection. Raz Kids is present to accompany children to learn especially learning to read well. Being well here means students can read smoothly, can understand the text clearly and deeply, can recognize the writer’s aim, can add knowledge of the types of text including the parts of the text.

Raz Kids school offers reading activity to be more pleasurable. Raz kids prepares more than 800 ebooks to support students reading process. It also becomes more engaging because the students can choose the way they enjoy the reading text. Students can read it by themselves, listen to the books, and after that, they can verify their comprehension of reading activity by taking the equizzes.

By Raz Kids school, Students also can challenge themselves not only through the quizz but also by playing some available games. The games like Alphabet Letter Match, Antonym Go Fish, Idioms Concentration, Punctuation Power, andWord Family Sort are available there. Same as the books, the games are also based on the grades of the sudents.

Raz Kids School
The benefits of joining Raz Kids school are:

  1. You can access a lot of books in many kind of types (serial books, leveled books, poetry, nursery rhymes, song books and Spanish books).
  2. You can practice whenever and wherever because Raz Kids uses internet connection. So, wherever you are, as long as you have internet connection, you are able to connect to the Raz Kids.
  3. Every leveled books are accompanied by equizz to know the students understanding of the reading activity that they have done before.
  4. The leveled books are available in 29 levels of reading difficulty so the students will be easy to learn because before they start they will be guided by the teachers about the assignments that they will do.
  5. Students will get incentives and awards to motivate them. They are able to turn on the Reading Room to motivate students with free-choice reading and turn on the Incentives that make students to spend their stars to personalize their Robot avatar and to purchase items for the Raz Rocket.
  6. Parents also can access Raz Kids to know the progress of their children. Parents can log in as their children by clicking “Parents” link in the top of the website.

Raz Kids School has good quality which has been proven by achieving a number of awards. They are:

  1. In 2016, Multi-Level Reading Resource Website from Eddie Award Winner
  2. In 2016, Best Solution for Special Needs Students from CODiE Award Winner
  3. In 2016, Best Early Learning, Reading Skills Website from Bessie Award Winner
  4. In 2016, Best ESL, ELL or World Language Acquisition Solution from CODiE Award Finalist
  5. In 2016, Educational Apps from Bett Award Finalist
  6. In 2014, Supplemental Resources: Resources for Learners with Special Educational Needs Curriculum, Instruction, and Classroom from App Revere Award Winner and many more.

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