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Raz Kids offers not only easiness but also pleasure for students during accessing Raz Kids. Learning through Raz Kids, students feel like they are not learning at all because Raz Kids has several enjoyable features and there are also two things that make them keep motivated. They are Raz Kids rocket and robot builder.

Raz Kids rocket or Raz Rocket will appear in students homepage. How to operate Raz Rocket? What can students do to the rocket? First, students have to have stars. The stars can be earned by them through practice, completion, and success in different activities. The stars that students have earned, can be used to purchase some fun items to personalize their Raz Rocket. Students can get stars from all the resources of Learning A-Z that they can access through Kids A-Z. How can their stars add up? They have to do some activities and complete them. Here are the activities and the number of stars that they can get.

Raz Kids Rocket

Activities Stars
1.      Practice recording 10
2.      Listen book 10
3.      Read book 50
4.      Quiz Passed 100
5.      Perfect Quiz 150
6.      Assessment Complete (Running record or others) 300
7.      Assessment Complete (Self-paced level or custom) 500

Those stars that have earned by students can be used for buying items from the catalog to customize their rocket. Students are able to create room inside the rocket. They can equip their Raz Kids rocket with robots, plants, equipment, aliens, furniture, and the other items that they want in their environment which is space-themed.

Besides, there is also Robot Builder. What is Robot Builder? What is the difference between Raz Rocket and Robot Builder? Robot Builder can be created by students. Robot builder is a custom robot avatar that helps to customize students online experience. Same as Raz Rocket, to personalize their Robot Builder students need to earn stars. Their earned stars can be used to buy some items such as robot parts and accessories for personalizing their robot avatar. Teachers enable the Raz Kids Rocket and Robot Builder from the Roster for the whole class or individual student pages.

The existence of Raz Rocket and Robot Builder makes the students keep motivated, enjoyable and fun during they access Raz Kids website. They will not feel bored of doing any learning activities because they also have other things to fulfill, too that is Raz Kids rocket and Robot Builder. Students will keep motivated because they know when they complete the activity such as reading or listening they will get stars. And the stars that they earn, they can use for customizing their rocket or robot builder. So, the more they complete the activities, the more stars that they can get. It means they can purchase items for personalizing the rocket and robot builder soon as long as they complete a lot of activities.

Joining in Raz Kids is so much fun. Students can learn well because Raz Kids has a number of good reading texts completed with quizzes to check their comprehension. And of course, Raz Kids has Raz Rocket and Robot Builder to make learning activities more fun and challenging.

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