Raz-Kids Research and Review

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One educational online source that is often used at classroom today is Raz Kids. Now, we are going to learn how the students use it on each students desktop. Students have to log in to the Raz Kids. Then, they have to find their name on the list of the class and click on their name. After that, they will see “Your Assignment” planet that they are to do for the program. Once they are into “Your Assignment”, they can pick a book that they have not done yet or that they are still working on. So, If  they pick The Mitten for example, they can either listen to it, read the story and then afterwards they can take a quiz. If they want to read a book, just click an eye ball mark under the book. It also gives them the option to record which helps the teacher monitor fluency and see which reading strategies that the students are using and not using.

As they go through the book, they can see there are some tough words but if they are using their reading strategies, they should get it. After that, they can take the quiz and this shows you how well the students understood the story. If they answered all of the questions right so they can move on and if not then teacher will ask them to read it again when they go home. They can see that they earn stars for each quiz that they take and when they are reading the book. Now, if they read the book, they got the 50 stars and if they listen to the book they only get 10. So this motivates the students to want to read the book.

With the stars, students can go to their home page and they are given the options to use their stars to build a room on Raz Rocket where they can use their stars to add furniture, plants, items and put them into their individual room. If they don’t have enough, they will go back and read more and more to build their room. Also there is an option of making aliens or robots with the stars they have earned. The stars are great incentive for the students.

As a teacher, you can log in by clicking the “Teacher” on the desktop and enter username and password. Teacher can manage students and monitor students progress. You go to “Manage Students”, then you go to the Reports. The skill reports will show you what students need to work. All the comprehension skills are highlighted in blue including vocabulary, recall, main idea and details, sequence events and so on. For example, “Compare and Contrast” is a little struggle for some students, you click it. It will show you which students are having the most problem. If you go to “Assignment Progress”, you can see who is reading and who is not. If you go to the “Activity Report”, it will report which students are active in this program and which students are inactive and how many days ago that they logged into the system. On the ranking chart, it shows how many books that students have read and listened, how many quizzes that they took and the stars they have earned.

It is a great program not just for teachers and students but also parents because parents can track their children by simply log in to the Raz Kids.

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