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Raz Kids is a learning website that is suitable for children in any levels. Beside it has a lot of reading resources in several types or genres, Raz Kids has several amazing features as well. It includes Raz Rocket, Robot Builder, having access to more than 800 ebooks in bookroom and so on. The books in Raz Kids can read or even can be listened by students so that by using Raz Kids, students are not only able to improve their reading skill but also get the other advantages such as improving their listening skill, pronunciation skill, and of course increasing knowledge. The e-books are even completed by animation and sound effect to make students easier in understanding the text.

Another feature in Raz Kids is Roster. Our Roster feature is the key component to the Raz Kids management system. Building a student roaster opens up many opportunities for you and your students. Once your class roster is built, you can create assignments, assign assessment, review students and class report, send messages and listen to students recording. Let’s take a look at the roster options you have available. By clicking on the “Add a New Student” link, you can add a student, assign the level, and give access to the bookroom and Raz Rocket. You can also assign them password. To add more students at one time, click on “Add Multiple Students”. You can add maximum 36 students to your roster. The transfer feature allows you to transfer students from other classroom. When you transfer classroom, all of the data associated with the students are transfered as well. This state includes various report, running record, and recording.

Raz Kids Registration
The students awarded stars and clubhouse are also transfered. Under the roster tab, you are also be able to send messages to individual students or your entire class. This messages tools can be used to increase communication and motivate your students to read. Any students you delete from your roster are archive four years and can be restored by clicking on the “Restore Deleted Students” link.

Managing your roster is easy. Once you set up, your students  will have access to all the amazing books and several features on the site. And you will be able to monitor the progress each student growth as long as the students success for completing the assignments and determine the intervention and instruction needed.

To learn more about all about the roster features, click on any of tutorial videos on the roster in the video library. Raz Kids is very easy to use not only for students as the participants, but it is also easy to use by teacher to monitor and assign the students and for parents to monitor the progress or the activities of their children in Raz Kids. Raz Kids gives this easiness to make customers satisfied in using Raz Kids and hopefully Raz Kids can be very useful for everyone to use especially for students to improve their reading skill.

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