Raz Kids Reading Level Correlation

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Raz Kids in arranging the leveled books uses Learning A-Z Text Leveling System that uses objective (quantitative) and subjective (qualitative) leveling criteria in measuring text complexity. Quantitative criteria of Raz-Kids reading level correlation are text statistical measurements such as length average sentence, total of syllables per word, and the different words total number.

Quantitative criteria measure:

  1. Count of total words
  2. Total of different words
  3. Comparison of different words to total words
  4. Total of high frequency words
  5. Ratio of high frequency words to total words
  6. Total of low frequency words
  7. Comparison of low frequency words to total words
  8. Length sentence
  9. Complexity of sentence

Qualitative criteria of Raz-Kids reading level correlation are attributes in a text that can be evaluated only by human reader such as the purpose of author, the meaning levels, the text structures, conventions of language, clarity of language, demands of knowledge and visual devices complexity and importance.

Raz Kids Reading Level Correlation
Qualitative criteria measure:

  1. Text predictability
  2. Structure and organization of text
  3. Organization logical nature
  4. Distractions of text and feature
  5. Support of labeling and reader
  6. Support of illustration
  7. Infographics
  8. Complexity
  9. Text reliance on
  10. Demands of Knowledge
  11. Load of Concept
  12. Topic Familiarity (common everyday vs. unfamiliar)
  13. Single vs. multi-themed
  14. Dependence of intertextual

In qualitative criteria, teachers have to use their professional judgement together with reader and task considerations to decide whether an individual book at a given level is suitable for a student.

Here are the chart showing the correlation between the students age with their suitable level.

  • Levels aa, A, B, and C are suitable for 4-6 ages in grade K.
  • Level D is suitable for 6-7 ages in grade 1.
  • Levels E, F, G, H and I are suitable for 6-7 ages in grade 1.
  • Level J is suitable for 6-8 ages in grade 1.
  • Levels K, L, M, N, O and P are suitable for 7-8 ages in grade 2.
  • Level Q is suitable for 7-9 ages in grade 3.
  • Levels R, S, and T are suitable for 8-9 ages in grade 3.
  • Level U is suitable for 8-11 ages in grade 4.
  • Levels V, W, X, Y and Z are suitable for 9-11 ages in grade 4 and 5.
  • Level Z1 and Z2 are suitable for 9-11+ ages in grade 5+.

In every leveled books of Raz-Kids reading level correlation, there are a lot of books in fiction and nonfiction genres. Here are some leveled books which are available in Raz Kids.

Level Title of Books






Pets, Spring, Summer, Toys, etc.

Fruit, Going Places, I Can, etc.

Maria and Her Teacher, Playful Puppy, It Is School Time, etc.

Machines at Home, The Woodsy Band Jam, We Make A Snowman, etc.

Frog Is Hungry, The Sky Is Falling, Where Animals Live etc.

All Kinds of Farms, At The Rodeo, The Four Seasons, etc.

There are many more leveled books in Raz Kids. For more information, you can access www.raz-kids.com

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