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Raz Kids is a site that provides learning resources for students as well as teachers. Students can learn the material based on their level. Their level is customized with their age or grade. Teacher will help to place students and guide them in learning process like giving assignments, giving award, tracking the students progress and moving up the level of the students.

Beside students and teachers, parents can also log in to the website so that not only teacher but also parents can track their children, too. Both teacher and parents can see the books that children has read, monitor their understanding with the score of the quiz that they have taken, and send them messages from the parents access area. So, here we will describe Raz Kids parent login.

First, parents have to log in to the website as their child which consist of:

  1. Visit the www.raz-kids.com
  2. Press Kids Login
  3. Type the teacher username and click go
  4. Click on child’s name and enter the password
  5. After that, parents can click parents link in the top of right side in the website and follow the instruction to provide an email address.

Raz Kids Parent Login
Raz Kids is designed to make easiness not only for students, but also for teachers and parents. So, parents can not worry of their children activity because they will be guided by teacher and parents also can track their child progress.

Raz Kids also makes Raz Kids parent login easy for parents. Parents can check their children anywhere and anytime. If parents are busy, they still can check their children progress because Raz Kids is based internet connection. At home, on the go or wherever parents are, they are still able to log in.

In Raz Kids, there are more than 400 ebooks which can help students strengthen their reading ability which includes comprehending the text, knowing author’s aim, pronouncing well, listening well and increasing their knowledge, too. Why can children do those things there? Because Raz Kids provides ebooks in the form of listen ebooks and read ebooks. The genres are available in fiction and nonfiction. Besides, there are also the other books like serial books (favorite characters), nursery rhymes, poetry books, Spanish books, and leveled books. Those variety of books can enrich the students knowledge about the structure of text, too.

Raz Kids as a part of Learning A-Z, has won a lot of awards. They are:

  1. Multi-Level, Reading Resource Website from EDDIE Award Winner in 2016
  2. Best Solution for Special Needs Students from CODiE Award Winner in 2016
  3. Supplemental Resources, Resources for Learners with Additional Educational Needs from AAP REVERE Award Finalist in 2016
  4. Best Early Learning, Reading Skills Website from BESSIE Award Winner in 2016
  5. Best ESL, ELL or World Language Acquisition Solution from CODiE Award Winner in 2016

That is all the description about Raz Kids parent login and the other additional information about Raz Kids such as the awards, ebooks and so on. For more information, you can access www.raz-kids.com via your browser.

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