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Many people use Raz Kids because Raz Kids has become a good partner of students in getting reading resources and practicing their skills in a fun way. Raz Kids invites students to learn by providing more than 400 ebooks to read in any genres and types. What is the name of website of Raz Kids? That is www.raz-kids.com not Raz Kids org.

Using Raz Kids, students can improve their reading skill ability. They can not only read well, but they also can comprehend the whole text, explore author’s purpose, know the structure of every text, improve listening skill, and pronunciation skill. Why can students get all those advantages in a reading website like Raz Kids? It is because Raz Kids provides the ebooks that are not only able to be read but the ebooks are also able to be listened. So, students can choose to read it or to listen it. When they listen, they can practice the pronunciation by following the models fluency with the highlight words and practice their ears to listen well.

Raz Kids Org
Students can comprehend and even explore the text because after they read or listen to the text, they will get a corresponding eQuiz that will measure their comprehension. Besides, students can also know the structure of text because Raz Kids (not Raz Kids org) have many types of books. They are poetry books, nursery rhymes, leveled books, song books, and serial books. The leveled books consist of fiction and nonfiction books. Besides, there is also Spanish books. It is so complete, right?

During students do their activities in Raz Kids, they will be guided by a teacher. The teacher will give students assignments, give award or incentive and decide to level up. So, do not worry about the students progress because the teacher will always track the students progress. Furthermore, parents are also able to track their child progress. They can do that by accessing the website and then they have to login as their kids. Then, parents will be acquired an email. The teacher will give the review of the students activity like which books that they have read, which quiz that they have taken, how many award that they have gotten and many more. Or parents can ask to be sent the progress of their child progress through their email regularly.

In Raz Kids, there are also Raz Rocket and Robot Builder. They are made to make the students keep motivated. Raz Rocket is a robot that students can create by adding aliens, furniture, equipment, robot, plants and many more items. While Robot Builder is a robot that students can create based on their fancy. They can buy items for decorating their Raz Rocket and Robot Builder using stars that they have earned before. They will earn stars when they complete activities like reading, listening, taking e-Quiz and practice recording.

If you need reading resources that offer different sensation, visit Raz Kids. Remember, the website is not Raz Kids org but www.raz-kids.com.

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