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Raz Kids is present to help students to get reading resources. Raz Kids has more than 400 ebooks that are available to read which consist of several types and genres. Even, Raz Kids provides Raz Kids mobile to make students easier to read.

In Raz Kids there are 6 types of books. They are leveled books, serial books (favorite characters), poetry books, nursery rhymes, song books and also Spanish books. Leveled books are used for students to read based on their level. Teacher will decide which level that is suitable for a student. In level book, there are 29 reading levels to support the progress of students reading skill.

Serial books are books which are in the form of story of a character. In serial books, there will be repetition of character, setting or plot structure. These are aimed to make students competent in exploring author’s purpose deeply. Poetry books are present to make students competent in reading and listening skills because the books can be read or listen. So students can practice their intonation, pitch, and inflection. Reading poetry books will also make students learn about sequencing events and understanding the elements of basic story.

Nursery rhymes make students to know about a sort of rhyme and rhythm pattern. A new reader, usually read or listen the rhymes again and again. It can help the reader to identify the sounds patterns, a phonological awareness skill. Song books are prepared for understanding the language’s rhythm and rhyme same as nursery rhymes and poetry. In song books, there are melody and beat to make reading session become enjoyable. Students also are able to sing along with the highlighted words in every song book karaoke style. Of course, students can open the books through Raz Kids mobile.

The last one is Spanish books. Spanish books are made for students which are ELL and bilingual students.  Spanish books are available in leveled books. Some Spanish books that students can enjoy to read such as Arriba y abajo, Bebés de animales, Entran y salen and many more. Those books can be accessed in students book room.

Raz Kids can be accessed in mobile format. Students can access it anytime and anywhere as long as they have internet connection. With the Raz Kids mobile, students have free access to the leveled books and take the corresponding eQuiz. The students activity will be reported to teacher online via the Kids A-Z Student Management hub. It makes teacher easy to track individual and class-wide progress of reading and determine instruction for future.

For customers who have subscibed to Raz-Plus, Kids A-Z app serves access to more than 1800 leveled reading ebooks and corresponding eQuiz on a smartphone or tablet. Students can download the free Kids A-Z App at Apps Store for i-phone, ipod touch and ipad. For students who use android, they can download via Google Play. Beside via those two places, students are also able to download Kids A-Z via Amazon App Store. Download it now and get the easiness to get reading resources anytime and anywhere!

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