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Raz Kids is a teaching website that has more than 800 ebooks in fiction and nonfiction. The books consist of leveled ebooks in 29 level of reading difficulty, poetry books, nursery rhymes, song books and Spanish books. Raz Kids which is one of Learning A-Z products is made to invite students to love reading. The ebooks in Raz Kids are made based on Learning A-Z text leveling system.

There is not Raz Kids math because Raz Kids is a teaching website that provides reading resources. The reading resources are about fiction and nonfiction which leads to make children like to read any genres. So, learning in Raz Kids is about strengthening of students ability in reading which includes comprehending the whole content of story, knowing the aim of author, adding students knowledge about the types of text with its structures and so on. Besides, using Raz Kids also makes students get the ability of listening because there is listen books which enable students to listen the book (there will be a model who will read the text for students). By listening, students also will get the fluency of pronouncing words.

Raz Kids Math

Raz Kids math is not presented in Raz Kids. But, there is a book of Raz Kids which has theme about math namely Math Test Mix Up. The book is available in level H (grade 1), the book is fiction which consist of 262 words. The book tells about a dilemma of two students about their experience because they do not follow directions to write name on their test. The children finally learn an important lesson and it makes them better students in the process.

Raz Kids provides interesting story books such as Bedtime Counting, Bird Goes Home, We Make Cookies, We Make a Snowman, Getting Around The City and many more fiction books. Beside the fiction books, there are also non fiction books such as My Body, Opposites, Water, Summer, How Many Legs?, We Count, What Animals Eat, Animal Tongues, Clouds and many more non fiction books.

Raz Kids more emphasizes to learn about reading. That is why Raz Kids has a number of reading resources. Raz Kids wants to make students realize that reading is very important. By reading, they can get more knowledge and information. Raz Kids will make students being accustomed to read any genres or types of books. So far, Raz Kids does not have Raz Kids mathbecause of the reasons above.

Raz Kids as a good website for reading, has achieved a lot of awards like Multi-Level, Reading Resource Website in 2016 from Eddie Award Winner, Best Solution for Special Needs Students in 2016 from Codie Award Winner, Supplemental Resources, Resources for Learners with Additional Educational Needs in 2016 from AAP REVERE Award Finalist, Best Early Learning, Reading Skills Website in 2016 from Bessie Award Winner, Best Multi-Level, Reading Resource Website in 2016 from Bessie Award Winner, Best ESL, ELL or World Language Acquisition Solution in 2016 from Codie Award Finalist and many more.

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