Raz Kids Level Progression

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How does a student advance level on Raz Kids? We walk you through that right now. So, the first thing you have to do is you are going to want to double check in your Raz Kids like control panel. We are going to do is going to reading A-Z.com and we are going to log in as a teacher. This is the actual teacher that we need. But, if you have not logged in as this teacher, you would just click the login at the top right side of the screen. Go ahead and log in.

What you want to do is go to the Raz Kids tab. So, we click on that. The tab that we are looking for is what is called assignments. We click on the assignments. There, we have two tabs namely assessment and reading. We look at the reading tab. We can see the students and we will sign ourselves entire level D. You can create custom assignments and things down here if you want. But for right now, we are just going to stick with level D and we are going to say that we need to complete the entire level D.

Raz Kids Level Progression
Let’s see what that looks like from the students side things. Let’s go to the student log in. Click favorite links. Let us see if we can find a Raz Kids link. Click on the student login and click log out. Then, here we are in the teacher screen. We click on a student name. Type in the password. Now, under assignment, this is where you can progress. So, we have already actually done. Let say I wanted to do Caretakers. We are going to choose to quickly read Caretakers. Here, you can record your reading. But now, we are not going to record it. We are just going to read it. The Caretakers’ story is written by Brian Roberts and the picture is illustrated by Signe Nordin. Here is the story.

Caretakers take care of things. There are many kinds of caretakers. This gardener is a caretaker. He takes care of gardens. This road worker is a caretaker. She takes care of the road. This babysitter is a caretaker. She takes care of babies. This dentist is a caretaker. He takes care of teeth. This vet is a caretaker. He takes care of animals. This doctor is a caretaker. She takes care of people. These firefighters and police officers are caretakers. They take care of people, too.

Now, what we are going to do is we will go ahead and take the quiz. After taking the quiz, something that will happen is once we have completed the other 47 tasks inside of level D advance to the next level. You know if you have a kid that you clearly think need to be moved up to the next level and they are just kind of going through the motions, you can log in to Raz Kids and advance the level manually on your own. So, that is how kids move up high levels in Raz Kids. Thanks for reading.

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