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Raz Kids is a learning website that can strengthen students reading skill. Raz kids is ready with a lot of ebooks for students. There are more than 800 ebooks for students to read. They can not only read the books but they can also listen the ebooks because in the ebooks there is a model fluency who will read the book for students. So, students just listen to it. Ebooks in Raz Kids are completed by interesting images. Raz Kids images are designed to make students more enthusiastic in reading the text.

In Raz Kids, there is also eQuiz in each reading book. After reading the book, they have to check their reading comprehension by taking that quiz. Then, the teacher will give the students score. In the website, Raz Kids provides free samples that can be used by students. The available samples are Maria Goes to School, Lotsa Pasta, How Zebras Got Their Stripes, Scaredy Crow, American Sports Legends, and Fantastic Flying Machines. When students click one of the samples, they will see there are interesting Raz Kids images of the books. But, if students choose the ear mark (it means you will listen to the story), they will see that the images move (it becomes animated story).

Raz Kids can be a solution for students who want to practice their skill. Here, students can not only improve their reading skill but they can practice and get more such as listening skill, pronunciation skill, exploring the text to know the author’s aim, knowing the types and the structure of the text and they also can enrich their knowledge through the reading text that they read.

Raz Kids also has Robot Builder and Raz Rocket. Those are present in Raz Kids to make students keep motivated in doing their activities in Raz Kids. They can decorate their robot and rocket if they get star from the activities that they have done.

Parents are able to check their child progress by logging in to the website like their child do. Then, they have to enter their email account. Parents also can request to receive a regular report of their child progress through email. Parents can check their child progress anytime and anywhere using their laptop/computer or their smartphone throughout they connect to the internet.

Raz Kids images are made to make the reading text more interesting and those images also can help students to understand more about the story clearly. The existence of image also can help students to improve their imagination while they are reading the books. Besides, the existence of image in a story can help them to keep in mind the new vocabulary. Sometimes, we get new vocabulary from books and we still remember that because we correlate it with the image of the books.

Are you curious of learning method in Raz Kids? Just visit Raz Kids website and make sure you register to be a student there. Make Raz Kids as your reading resources for helping you to improve your skills.

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