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Hi, we are going to introduce to a new online reading program. But perhaps some of you have known or even joined with it. It is Raz Kids. For you who have known, you maybe really enjoy it but for you who have not known about this, we are going to explain now. In Raz Kids, you are able to go quickly as you want through the progress, earn as many as points, and get the bonuses.

To access Raz Kids, you just have to visit www.raz-kids.com. When you sign up, you will see that you have to enter your teacher username. Make sure you enter the username right and then press “Go”. Once you hit “Go”, it will come up with the class website. There is teacher’s name at the top. All students’ names are also basically listed there. Then, the thing you do is go to your name and enter your password.

After you log in, you will come to the page where there are a lot of books. First of all, you will see there are Raz Rocket, Assignment and Messages. In your assignment, you will see like 10 books that you will go through. You can see three different options. The ear is basically listen to the book. The eye is basically read the book. And the question mark is to take the quiz on it. So, the first thing you do is go to listen and the book will read the story for you. When you listen to it, you have to use headphone. After you have finished, there will be some options. The “Back” button is for going back to previous page. “Read Again” means that the book will read it to you one more time. There are also “Take a Quiz” and “Home”. When you click on “Home”, you will go back to the previous screen which contains some books.

Raz-Kids Explanation
Now, let’s press eye mark to read the book. There are some options on the top. You can record which means you can read the book while recording it and send it to your teacher. The story is completed by relatable picture. After you have finished the book, you can take the quiz. The quiz is in the form of multiple choice. Remember, whenever you do the multiple choice question, you should do the process of elimination. Look at the question and decide which answer do not make sense. Then, when you have found the right answer, you just have to click on the right letter. If you are right, there will be a green check mark, but if you are wrong, there will be a red cross. When you go back home, you will find that there are green check marks under the ear, eye, and question mark. It means you did them.

The next section is Raz Rocket. In this section you can buy some different things with your points. You can see your earned stars upper the right side. You can buy the items in the Raz Rocket Catalog. There you can buy aliens, furniture, plants, shelf items, equipment, planets and robots.

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