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Children like playing games and many of them are addicted to play games in their gadget. Some games probably are useful for them. There are certain games that can help children to master vocabulary, practice them to be able to count, and many more. But, there are also games that can give bad impact for them.

Learning via Raz Kids, children will feel like they are not learning. It is like they are playing games because Raz Kids offers lesson of reading more fun. There is also Raz Kids com games that will not make children bored.

More than 800 ebooks are ready to read in 29 different levels. The types are also different such as poetry, song books, leveled books, serial books (serial characters), nursery rhymes and Spanish books. Those books are not only able to read but also students can listen to the books. Students can choose either reading the books or the books will read it for them. By listening, students can also practice their pronunciation. After reading the books, students will be tested by taking the quiz. The quiz will be given in the form of  multiple choice and response question to check students understanding about the books that they have read before.

Raz Kids Com Games
It was said that learning by Raz Kids like playing games because Raz Kids has interesting features. Beside the types of books that have explained above, Raz Kids has Raz Rocket and Robot Builder. Students will earn stars from practice and completion the activity by accessing Raz Kids. The stars can be used by students to buy items to personalize their Rocket. Meanwhile, Robot Builder can be created by the students to personalize their avatar. Students can personalize Robot Builder by buying robot parts and accessories using the stars that they have earned. Is it fun right?

Raz Kids com games can function to motivate students during tutoring session. They will not feel bored and it will be another alternative for them to learn because learning can be in the form of everything including games.

Raz Kids com games like Raz Rocket and Robot Builder can motivate them because they can only personalize the Raz Rocket and Robot  Builder by buying the items using their earned stars. The stars are gotten by them by accessing the website and they have to be successful in doing activity like reading or taking quiz.

Learning at Raz Kids is very enjoyable. Students will not feel bored or lazy to read because Raz Kids has many leveled books in many types of text which they can choose whether to read it or to listen to  it. Besides, There is a teacher who will give students assignments and track their progress. Moreover, parents also can check the progress of their children by logging in to the website.

The reading texts that have been prepared by Raz Kids has good standard. Raz kids as the part of Learning A-Z uses Common Core State Standard which is also used by the other product of Learning A-Z.

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