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Raz kids is an e-learning website which supplies comprehensive leveled reading resources for students. There are 29 different levels of Raz Kids books available at the website. The students will keep motivated and engaged because Raz Kids designs an interactive learning portal. Learning via Raz Kids will be easier because the ebooks can be enjoyed through online and mobile formats. The formats are made to make students easy to access.

If students at home or even on the go, they still can access their reading. The interesting one is students are not only able to read the text but they are also able to listen, record their reading and evaluate their comprehension of the text that they read by taking e-Quizz.

Raz kids provides several forms of books. Raz Kids Com Bookroom consists of leveled books, serial books (favorite characters), Nursery Rhymes, Poetry Books, and Song Books. The variety of books is aimed to make students understand about the types of books and also to increase their insight.

Raz Kids Books

  • Leveled Books

Leveled books serve 29 reading levels to increase students comprehension and fluency. Students are able to choose the reading text based on their interest either fiction or nonfiction/informational to make them become better and more confident readers. The English leveled books have been written carefully to be adapted with standardized Learning A-Z text leveling system and quality checked with custom software. A lot of books are also available in Spanish.

  • Serial Books (Favorite Characters)

Serial books makes students task of close reading simpler and faster. Repetition of characters, setting, and plot in series makes students easy to comprehend the aim of author. The title of the serial books that is available in Raz Kids like Maria Counts Pumpkins, Maria’s Halloween and many more.

  • Nursery Rhymes

Raz Kids books are also provide Nursery Rhymes text that teaches the students to recognize the variety of rhymes and rhythm patterns. New readers usually listen or read the text again and again. The repetition itself can help students to identify patterns of sounds that will lead to greater reading success.

  • Poetry Books

Poetry books are aimed to support students’ reading and listening fluency skills. By listening, the students are given opportunities to listen and read with intonation, pitch, and inflection.

  • Songs Books

Same as Nursery Rhymes and Poetry Books, Songs Books also can help students to understand language’s rhyme and rhythm. The melody and the beat of songs support the students to be more enjoyable in reading process.

Those are the types of Raz Kids books which will be the material of reading if joining in the Raz Kids. By joining Raz Kids, the benefit for students is that the students can access anytime and anywhere. When students are at home, on the go, and even during the summer, they can do their reading activity. For teachers, they can give assigments and track the progress of students. To view the report is also easy for individuals, classrooms and even districts.

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