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Raz Kids as a part of Learning A-Z has resources that starts from A to Z. Raz Kids A to Z is actually started from aa to Z2. The resources that are arranged alphabetically are designed to be adapted with the students ability. The resources in levels like this will make students easy to choose the books that they can read.

The English level books are written based on standard which is used in Learning A-Z that is Learning A-Z Text Leveling System and checking quality with custom software. Learning A-Z Text Leveling System is designed to measure the complexity of text accurately and reliably. The leveling system follows guidance to determine the complexity of text as described in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The standards require evaluation for the students about the reading materials in three areas of the complexity of the text. The Common Core Model of Text Complexity are qualitative measures, quantitative measures and readers and their task.

Raz Kids A to Z
Raz Kids provides 29 reading levels difficulty starting from aa to Z2.

  • Levels aa, A, B, and C are for 4-6 ages in grade K.
  • Level D is for 6-7 ages in grade 1.
  • Levels E, F, G, H and I are for 6-7 ages in grade 1.
  • Level J is for 6-8 ages in grade 1.
  • Levels K, L, M, N, O and P are for 7-8 ages in grade 2.
  • Level Q is for 7-9 ages in grade 3.
  • Levels R, S, and T are for 8-9 ages in grade 3.
  • Level U is for 8-11 ages in grade 4.
  • Levels V, W, X, Y and Z are for 9-11 ages in grade 4 and 5.
  • Level Z1 and Z2 are for 9-11+ ages in grade 5+.

How to assess the students level in Raz Kids A to Z? Every students send recordings to In Basket in the process of three-parts assessment which provides students with a picture which is more complete of the students reading abilities and monitors the progress.

The three-part Process are:

  1. First, teacher put the students at the suitable reading level to start. Students record their reading Benchmark Passages or Benchmark Books and send the recording in your In Basket. Next, teacher will preview the Benchmark Passages and Running Records or Benchmark Books and Running Records collection. After that, teacher will assign a Benchmark Book or Benchmark Passage.
  2. Second, the students have to record a retelling story of the text and send to your In Basket. Then, teacher will use online rubric to score the comprehension for fiction or nonfiction text.
  3. Third, students take a quiz to check their comprehension and the software which is made by Raz Kids will score them. The skill report will help the teacher to identify the understanding skill and for additional practice.

Raz Kids A to Z gives the easiness to help students improve their reading ability. By leveling system, teacher will not be wrong in giving assignments for students.

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