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At Learning A-Z, we understand that your time is valuable. And that creating or finding the appropriate resources to meet the needs of each learner in your class is a time-consuming task. At the Reading A-Z, you will have easy access to thousands of resources that will help you differentiate your instruction. Our comprehensive collection includes leveled books with lesson plan, worksheets, comprehension quizzes, assessment tools, fluency passages, readers theatre scripts, decodable books and much more. Many of these materials are available in Spanish and French.

After signing in on the home page, you will see a short overview of new recently added materials. Some of which address timely current events. You will also see a navigation tool on the left side that provides links to research, testimonials, and our search and correlation tools. Let’s begin by seeing how quickly you can identify and download resources using our search tools. You can use our basic search, advanced search, US and Australian state standards, the Canadian province standards, the common core standards or reading series correlations.

Take a look at our basic search feature. This basic search box is located at the top of every page on our site now. Entering a title, topic or skill, all of the Reading A-Z resources related your keyword will appear. Let’s enter the topic plants. You can see that there is an extensive list of resources on the result page. To sort or a narrow your results use the toolbar on the right hand side. You can also narrow your search by clicking on the advanced search link next to the search box.

For the common core standards simply click on the grade level you wish to view. You will then see each standard and links to our correlated materials. Now, that you understand how easy it is to find materials that match your instructional goals. Let’s take a quick tour of the website to see the variety of resources available.

Our resources are organized in a series of tabs found along the top of each page. If we click on all books, we see hundreds of nonfiction and fiction leveled books organized under 27 levels of difficulty. On the left hand side, you will see additional categories of books including multi-level, high frequency word, vocabulary and poetry books.

Every book on our site can be projected with useful tools to help you deliver reading instruction to your students. You don’t need an interactive whiteboard, just a projectable surface to use these tools. When you drag your mouse over a book title, you will see a summary of the book and all of the lesson objectives. Many of our books such as this one are written to three levels of difficulty. This allows you to provide the same book to students reading below on or above level.

Clicking on a book title will take to that books home page where you can then view, download, or project the book and all of its ancillary resources including a comprehensive lesson, worksheets, quiz and other language versions. Our phonics, vocabulary, fluency, poetry and alphabets tabs, each have a variety of instructional materials to differentiate your instruction and help each child develop a strong foundation in reading.

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