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Let’s discuss a little bit about a wonderful company, Learning A-Z which has a very unique program. Learning A-Z was started in 2002. Our founder is Bob Holl, a former teacher. He then had a long career in educational publishing and started this company called Learning A-Z because he really wanted to get resources into the hands of as many people as possible and really helped teachers. And so, we started with a site called Reading A-Z and we now have 8 websites. We are in basically half of the districts in the country US and Canada and in 150 countries worldwide. So it is really grown very rapidly in a short amount of the time.

There are big challenges in the educational field today. How Learning A-Z can help to fuse those with the educators? The biggest challenge that we hear a lot about is budget. And we think that what we can really do as a company as we provide a lot of resources for teachers that they normally would spend a lot of money for and they can get it for a fraction of that. So, we often to talk about how they can get full access to one of our 8 websites for their full class for a full year basically for the price of a textbook.

Learning A-Z on Kold’s Business File
We were definitely a mission driven company and Bob is very passionate about that. And so, we think that one of the things that we decided to do in addition to all the other things we have done in the community with donating to schools and helping even international nonprofit organizations with literacy initiatives is we paired up with the military because we have a book called Hugs for Dad which was written by one of our staff members who actually had a husband who was deployed in Iraq and it is all just about how she and her daughter can really stay connected to her dad. So, we have ended up giving a lot of books to the military and just you know it is been a great effort.

You can learn everything you need to know about us at www.learninga-z.com. The products of Learning A-Z are:

  1. Raz Plus is a learning website in blended form for improving reading skill which has effective teacher-led instruction, appropriate reading practice, formative assessment and data driven reporting.
  2. Raz Kids is a reading website that has comprehensive level reading resources for students in 29 reading level of difficulty.
  3. Science A-Z is a learning website that has comprehensive science units which contain an extensive collection of multilevel text, fun lessons and hands-on science experiments.
  4. Vocabulary A-Z is an online resources to select vocabulary and build custom lesson plan or select premade lesson.
  5. Reading A-Z is a website which provide reading resources like leveled books, poetry, high frequency word books etc.
  6. Headsprout is a reading program of research-proven kids which take students on a digital journey to be better readers.
  7. Writing A-Z has differentiated materials and tools of instruction K-6 that teachers need to teach writing.
  8. Ready Test A-Z provide resources which prepare students to send results on standarized tests like never before.

If you want to know more about each product, you can visit each website or visit learninga-z.com and then there will be a link to each learning program.

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