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We know how important it is to have the right resources to teach a classroom with students who vary inability. And we want you to know that Learning A-Z is committed to creating quality resources for teachers. Resources that can:

  1. Make teachers live easier
  2. Provide teachers with resources needed to differentiate instruction
  3. Maximize opportunity for practice
  4. And most importantly, improve students learning.

Since launching the first website in 1998, we have added six more websites. We are now used in 250,000 classrooms, 18,000 schools and in nearly half the school districts across the US and Canada. And we are used in more than 155 countries worldwide. Learning A-Z suits of seven award-winning websites provide a wealth of leveled resources for reading, writing and science that help teachers differentiate their instruction. All of resources are available twenty four seven (24/7). Some materials can be printed and handed out to students. Others are digital versions that students can interact with online or teachers can project onto interactive whiteboards for whole group for small group instruction. Our printable books spend 27 levels of difficulty and cover a wide range of genres. Books are accompanied by a host of teacher resources including lesson plans, activity sheets, discussion cards, quizzes, readers’s theater scripts, assessments, and correlations to state standards and much more.

Learning A-Z Intro
Unlike traditional textbooks which are updated every four to six years, the web allows us to dynamically update content within hours of planet being downgraded or president winning the Nobel Peace Prize. In addition to timely updates, we add brand new books on current topics along with other resources to the website every four to six weeks. And perhaps best of all the websites are extremely affordable. For what teachers would pay for two to three typical leveled reader six-packs, they can get twenty four seven access to any one of the websites for an entire classroom all year long.

Now, think about that! A wide selection of books for pennies per book plus a vast collection of other resources are all available at just to click of a mouse. During these challenging economic times, teachers need more than great resources. They also need a partner to listen and respond to their unique needs.

That is we are all about working with teachers to make a difference in the lives of every unique student. We invite you to visit learninga-z.com today and while you are there, try out the free samples or better yet set up a free trial. Come see for yourself a week and help teachers make a difference.

Learning A-Z has developed year by year. It proves by the awards that Learning A-Z achieved for its products. Some of the awards are:

  1. Best PreK / Early Childhood Learning Solution for Headsprout in 2016 from Codie Award
  2. Best Upper Elementary, Writing Website for Writing A-Z in 2016 from Bessie Award Winner
  3. Best Solution for Special Needs Students for Raz-Kids in 2016 from Codie Award Winner
  4. Teacher Tools, Reading Resource Website for Reading A-Z in 2016 from Eddie Award Winner
  5. Educational Apps for Raz Plus in 2017 from Bett Award Finalist

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